Yard House menu items ranked from worst to best

One way to up your salad game is to add protein to spend time with those veggies. A bowl of veggies might sound so boring, but if you throw a little meat into the mix, you have a dish in front of you that could be considered a full meal instead of an entree. Yard House has many salads that also contain meat, and the one that might pique your interest is the Chicken salad with barbecue sauce. But, as enticing as the ingredient list is, just know that you’ll probably feel pretty disappointed after taking the first few bites.

The BBQ chicken strips that are layered over the salad are clearly meant to act as the main attraction here, but your taste buds certainly won’t feel drawn to them once they’ve tasted them for the first time. The chicken strips are super dry and the only bit of moisture they contain is from that drizzle of BBQ sauce.

If you remove the chicken, you’ll have a bowl of mixed greens, avocado, corn, cheddar cheese and Monterey Jack cheese, tortilla strips, tomatoes, pinto beans, fried onions and cilantro , all wrapped in a creamy chipotle ranch. This salad is actually pretty good without the chicken, because the rest of the ingredients taste pretty fresh and juicy, and unfortunately the chicken doesn’t.

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