Yamazato at Hotel Okura offers Japanese New Years menu


Yamazato’s delicious signature dishes are sure to please many palates. CONTRIBUTED PHOTO

To kick off 2022, Yamazato at the Okura Manila Hotel will be offering a traditional Japanese New Year’s menu called Osechi, a tiered box filled with seasonal produce, mostly from Japan.

Osechi’s menu will feature auspicious ingredients such as black beans and chestnut balls, which symbolize good health and wealth, as well as a sweet parchment-shaped omelet and kombu kelp roll for it. learning and happiness.

One of the dishes to look forward to is the main course, which consists of grilled lobster, abalone, scallops and crab claws, accompanied by grilled salmon in saikyo miso sauce and the signature Yamazato dish braised by Berkshire pork belly.

Those who buy the three tier Osechi box will also enjoy the temari sushi, shaped into a ball with various premium fillings such as salmon, akami tuna, salmon roe, shrimp, mackerel and squid.

The Osechi comes with a bottle of Hakushika Honjozo Yamada Nishiki (300ml) and comes packaged in an elegant box with cranes flying towards the sun – a known Japanese symbol of good fortune and long life.

The order period is until December 15th. The Osechi box is only available for pick-up on December 31 from 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. at Yamazato.

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