World’s Largest Hot Dog Chain Adds Meatless Hot Dogs To Its Menu

The largest hot dog chain in the world, Wiener Schnitzel, throw it Field Roasted Herbal Signature Stadium Dog in its restaurants nationwide. It’s the first restaurant to do so in the United States.

the Field roast The Herbal Signature Stage Dog is primarily made from pea protein and is made in small batches to be 100% vegan and rich in protein. It contains less sodium and trans fat than regular hot dogs, giving consumers a healthier, milder option.

This version follows a successful test at select locations. Customers were thrilled with the plant-based option, which led the restaurant chain to officially make meatless hot dogs a part of the menu for good.

Doug koegeboehn, Wienerschnitzel Marketing Director, said: “We are excited to bring the herbal Field Roast Dogs system-wide following the great response from consumers during our market testing in California, Texas and in New Mexico. Consumers are eager to try herbal options, and those who have tried our Veggie Dogs keep asking for more. We look forward to making the product even more accessible with this national expansion. “

Americans consuming approximately 20 billion hot dogs per year, the meatless hot dog market must be tapped.

Dan Curtin, President of Greenleaf Foods, said, “Few foods spark the passion like hot dogs, and we’re proud to satisfy that craving for American hot dogs for plant-based consumers nationwide through our continued partnership with Wienerschnitzel. It’s an honor to partner with such a popular and iconic restaurant chain where hot dogs aren’t just an option – they’re the center of the menu.

It is important to note that although the hot dog itself is vegan, all of the toppings on the Wienerschnitzel vegetarian dog menu are.

Male your own vegan hot dogs at home:

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