Which Food Wars character are you, according to your zodiac?

Created in 2015, Food wars is a delicious anime centered around Soma Yukihira, an aspiring young chef who enrolls in a famous cooking school in Japan in the hopes of surpassing his father’s legendary status as the country’s best cook. Along with his friends and classmates, Soma is fighting tooth and nail to become the best student in his class and forge a bright future.

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As fans wait for the Season 6 release date, it’s a great time to break down the star signs of the main characters and see how readers stack up against their. Food wars counterparts.

12 Aquarius – Zenji

If Aquarius is known as the smartest zodiac sign on the astrological chart, then Zenji Marui is clearly an Aquarius on Food wars. The hyper-intelligent and extremely gifted culinary student sets the standard for academic excellence on the show despite his limited physical abilities.

Often bullied for his physical weakness, Zenji does more than redeem his limits by hitting the books, achieving much better grades than his classmates, and ultimately participating in the special fall election culinary event.

11 Pisces – Megumi

Megumi faces the camera in Food Wars

Megumi Tadokoro has a personality often described as shy and goofy, which most closely matches an astrological Pisces. The young, kind, caring and reserved Food wars the chef also likes to cook fish, which couldn’t be more perfect. Unfortunately, her paralyzing stage fright often makes her prone to accidents.

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Additionally, the name Megumi loosely translates to ‘grace’ and ‘kindness,’ both of which are qualities inhabited by the Pisces water sign, as they tend to radiate elegance and sophistication. As seen in her “Hopping Hare” mode, Megumi is also mutable from one environment to another, which makes her quite adaptable.


ten Aries – Soma

Soma wears a white banner on Food Wars

Defined by overflowing confidence and courage more than anything else, series protagonist Soma Yukihira would almost certainly be an Aries. As the very first sign in the Western world, Aries also means taking the lead, being the first to take risks and try new things, which is a mantra Soma reiterates throughout the series.

Aside from being a daring risk taker and headstrong decision maker, Soma professionally bolsters his fire sign by using heat to cook gourmet meals that could possibly surpass even the best movie chefs of all time. Soma’s impulsive nature also aligns with that of Aries, as his reckless youthful demeanor often puts him in tight traffic jams that require stepping out of his creative side.

9 Taurus – Takumi

Takumi wears white on Food Wars

Defined by a hot temper and a spiteful personality, Soma’s main rival, Takumi Aldini, is clearly an optimistic Taurus on Food Wars. Jealous, stubborn, and stubborn to the point of fault, Takumi’s greatest Taurus moment came when he took revenge on Etsuya for rigging a quarterfinal match.

As for the positive side of Takumi’s Taurus traits, his fierce loyalty to his younger brother Isami shows how loyal he is to those he loves most and how ready he is to protect them at all costs.

8 Gemini – Shun

Shun holds a mug in his mouth on Food Wars

If ever there was a Gemini on Food wars, it must be Shun Ibusaki. Before getting into his two-sided nature, it is first worth noting Shun’s calm, flat, and super-calm personality who aligns closely with Gemini. Shun never overreacts to shocking drama and is often far too calm to take anything seriously.

As such, Shun hides his true intention to be an average college student by pretending to be disappointed when he loses a cooking fight. He really doesn’t want to be the best chef but claims to be anyway, which underlines his dual duplicity nature.

7 Cancer – Alice

Alice looks happy on Food Wars

With an artistic, creative, and highly imaginative sensibility, Alice Nikiri has all the makings of a Cancer on food-related stellar anime. It takes the artisanal side of the kitchen more important than anything else and thus offers the most creative dishes.

On the negative side, Alice can also be a bit smug and temperamental, which is fine with most signs of Cancer as well. Cancers also tend to be the most hated sign on the chart, which Alice certainly knows a thing or two about being the best chef in her class.

6 Lion – Erina

Erina looks sad on Food Wars

Primarily defined by her selfish elitism and self-centered perfectionism, Erina Nakiri has all of the greatest personality traits of a Leo. Often considering herself royalty, Erina’s pampered and privileged past makes her think she is better than everyone else.

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True, much of her personality is the result of her abusive father’s mistreatment, but Erina retains an attitude of a mean, arrogant daughter who, like a pride of lions, has a hard time making friends. Her incredibly proud high standards for herself reinforce her leonine demeanor.

5 Virgo – Ryoko

Ryoko watches the screen in Food Wars

While she is also kind and gentle, Ryoko Sakaki’s defining characteristic in the series is balanced maturity, a hallmark of Virgo signs. While her teenage classmates and fellow chefs love to have fun, Ryoko is much more of an adult who uses cold logic to make key decisions.

With her mature outlook and ability to take things as they come without overreacting, Ryoko uses her Virgo traits to help soothe Yuki when she gets angry. As such, Ryoko is often referred to as the “big sister” in the series, a family trait also attributed to Virgos as a guardian big brother. It’s complex characters like these that make the series one of the best anime to watch on Netflix right now.

4 Libra – Shoji

Shoji crosses his arms in the background on Food Wars

Shoji Sato is another talented chef who often spends a great deal of his time harassing Daigo and Zenji with a relentless personality. Between his combative nature, his partying ways that make him throw multiple dorm shots, and his unwavering loyalty to the residents of Polar Star, Shoji has all the main characteristics of a Libra.

Libras are not only loyal but argumentative revelers, but they’re also quite ambivalent, which Shoji also demonstrates throughout the series, which is mostly reflected in his lack of a discernible cooking style and an easily adaptable menu in. depending on the situation.

3 Scorpion – Ikumi

Ikumi talks on the phone in a limo on Food Wars

Ikumi Mito’s personality is fiery and combative, characteristic of the deadly and swift Scorpio. She is also extremely proud of her expertise in meat products, which further strengthens her status as a sinful and proud Scorpio.

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Despite her confrontational nature, Ikumi harbors a secret crush on Soma, something that matches Scorpio’s inherent penchant for keeping secrets and remaining as low-key as possible. Ikumi even has a tuft of hair that somewhat resembles a scorpion stinger sticking out from the top.

2 Sagittarius – Yuki

Yuki stands in the library on Food Wars

With a cheerful, courageous, and gregarious demeanor, Yuki Yoshino is clearly the biggest Sagittarius in low-key anime intended for those who want a break from the action. Always happy and uplifting around her, Yuki’s bubbly and contagious personality is a constant source of joy.

With a playful sense of humor that she uses to keep her friends and classmates in a good mood, Yuki also enjoys engaging in trivial gossip and poking fun at the different romances that develop in her classroom. Her unbridled passion for learning all subjects makes Yuki a true Sagittarius from start to finish.

1 Capricorn – Hisako

Hisako looks shocked at Food Wars

Often referred to as “The Achiever”, Capricorn signs are defined by ambition, order and organization. In Food wars, no character is more orderly or more organized than Hisako Arato, Erina’s personal secretary who does everything in her power to ensure the success of her boss.

With great time management skills, Hisako is a cardinal sign who is excellent at taking action and leading the way as a dedicated workaholic, traits shown time and time again by Hisako as she pushes the needs of Erina comes before her own and is committed to making sure every task is done efficiently.

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