Where to see food tech at the show @ CES 2022: day 1

While CES 2022 will be smaller this year as the show returns in person after hosting a fully virtual show in 2021, we’re excited to see food tech as an official category at the show. The Spoon team will be present at Sands Expo at booth 53752 to chat with startup executives, funders and leaders in agriculture, robotics, future food and cooking technologies.

We will have videos and reports as the show progresses. To get started, here’s a quick list of booths where you’ll see food technology and smart cooking innovations and the companies behind them:

  • Robotic Bear – Booth # 53755 – Bear Robotics uses AI and autonomous robot technology, deploying robots to take care of everything from food and beverage service to bus transportation. Bear Robotics works with top chefs and restaurants, providing in-home workforce support.
  • MycoTechnology – Booth # 53753 – MycoTechnology harnesses the metabolic engine of fungi, known as mycelium, using natural fermentation to create new ingredients that solve the food industry’s biggest challenges. (Stay tuned for a story on their brand launch to consumers at CES.)
  • Yo-Kai Express – Booth # 53758 – Yo-Kai debuted as a robotic ramen vending machine and announced an expansion in 2021 to other stand-alone catering and cooking devices at Smart Kitchen Summit Japan.
  • Edamam – Booth # 53860 – Edamam structures and organizes food and nutrition data and sells it as a subscription to companies in the food, health and wellness sectors. They’ve worked with food and retail giants including Nestlé, Amazon and The Food Network and, according to the company, nearly 100,000 developers are using Edamam’s APIs.
  • Northfork – Booth # 53959 – Northfork is a Swedish start-up that allows buying recipes online, bridging the world of digital recipes and food retailing.
  • Apex / “OrderHQ” Smart Food Locker – Stand # 53958 – Apex Order Pickup Solutions is the creator of the OrderHQ smart food locker, a secure, contactless solution for food pickup and delivery services. Lockers combine front and rear home technology including hot and cold storage as well as integration with fully automated order fulfillment.
  • Uvera – Booth # 54058 – Uvera is a Saudi clean tech startup that wants to reduce food waste with a device that claims to increase the shelf life of fresh food by up to “97% on average in just 30 seconds after using the device, without no chemicals. ”
  • Yangyoo / Armored Fresh – Booth # 53761 – Yangyoo is a Korea-based food technology company launching Korea’s first vegan cheese alternative, first developed by its US subsidiary, Armored Fresh. The future food brand uses a similar fermentation process that produces natural cheese on plant-based protein milk.
  • Endless West – Booth # 54061 – Endless West is a beverage technology startup founded by biotechnologists using science to create a blend of wines and spirits; its first product – Glyph – is the first molecular-made whiskey, created without aging or cask.

(Shared) Booth # 51830

  • Picnic – Robotic pizza machine designed for operations behind the house in restaurants; they first took to the stage at CES 2020 and started filling orders in mid-2021.
  • iUNU – iUNU (you knew that) is a Seattle-based agricultural technology company building an AI-powered platform for greenhouses and vertical farms that helps indoor growers with yields, farm waste, and operations global.
  • minnow won the Smart Kitchen Summit Startup Showcase 2020 for its contactless food delivery solution called the Minnow Pickup Pod. An IoT-enabled locker for businesses and multi-family properties, Minnow streamlines on-site food delivery.

We’ll be adding more businesses to the list as we cover the news and find more businesses! Follow us on @TheSpoonTech on Twitter and LinkedIn as well as the hashtags # CES2022 and #CESFoodTech for social updates.

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