What to expect from the exciting new menu at Tippling Club

Though it’s spent more than a decade on the cutting edge of boundary-pushing food, Tippling Club’s shows no signs of falling behind with its inspiring new dinner menu.

Unveiled in February 2022, the latest offering dresses modern gastronomy and progressive techniques with a sense of drama, a playbook the restaurant has stuck to since 2008.

“The dinner menu is the culmination of the best work of the Tippling Club,” said chef-owner Ryan Clift. “We channeled the creative genius of the team there, playing with technology and techniques to create unique new dishes. With every dinner tasting menu guests will experience at Tippling Club, expect the unexpected from our team without ever compromising on quality.

Ryan Clift (Image credit: Anil Riard)

Dinner is a prix-fixe set only (S$225++, S$395++ with wine pairing) including five snacks, five mains, seasonal fruits, pre-dessert, dessert and side dishes. Petit fours. The ingredients are typically Japanese and European, the presentation playful, the execution impeccable. The restaurant plans to change the entire menu every month.

Now go for the shirako nugget starter, which is breaded with panko crumbs, deep-fried and tops off a luscious bed of katsu curry. Laitance is soft and fragile, and I asked chef Ayo Adeyemi how they handle it without breaking. “These big hands can be very tricky,” he joked.

A puffy brioche bun is another star for appetizers. Steamed and pan-fried like a sheng jian bao, it’s stuffed with manchego custard and topped with silver Iberian ham from Cinco Jotas — “the best jamon in the world,” Clift said. It is also a pleasure to eat: creamy, slightly crispy with a light touch of cheese.

tippling club new dinner menu
Shirako Nugget, Katsu Curry (Image credit: Anil Riard)

Hokkaido Scallop Soup with Purple Garlic is a main course that has been on the menu in some variations since the launch of the Tippling Club. This iteration sees fatty, briny scallops and tender milk-braised parsnips surrounded by a sweet, aromatic broth, making a 1994 Riesling spätlese from Mosel producer Hermann Luddes even more fruity.

Next comes the liquid omelet. Wobbly scrambled eggs are kept in a gel-like wrapper, while pancetta and black truffles round out the holy trinity. A creamy sauce made with a white wine from the Jura adds a nutty profile. It’s hard work (look how they do it here), but Clift is proud: “Scientifically, I say it’s the best egg yolk, but runny.

Hokkaido scallop, braised parsnip in milk, purple garlic soup (Image credit: Anil Riard)

Sakura pork loin is another dish to prepare. Clift ran down the stairs – I couldn’t follow – but it’s brined and poached, and there’s activated charcoal, black sesame, Kampot pepper. Next, sake-braised micro-turnips and the best salt-and-vinegar crisps on the planet. The crunchy filling contrasts with the creamy and tender meat, and the dish pairs well with a juicy 2014 Saint-Emilion from Couvent des Jacobins.

The dessert is the Tippling Club’s interpretation of a Bounty chocolate bar. The bitter chocolate taco contains balls of milk chocolate filled with coconut sorbet and topped with coconut meringue. It’s refreshing and bittersweet, and stands up to a floral rum-based cocktail called Joint Venture.

tippling club new dinner menu
Sakura Pork Loin, Black Sesame, Watercress Emulsion and Micro Turnip (Image credit: Anil Riard)

The Tippling Club lunch menu has also been revamped. They replaced the a la carte options with a set (S$110++) that included four snacks, five mains, a pre-dessert and petit fours. Items change every two weeks, and lunch serves as a test bed for experimental dishes. The most popular ones end up on the dinner menu.

“Fourteen, and we still want to keep everyone on their toes when they’re having dinner with us,” Clift said. “Tippling Club has never been one to stand still, we want to continually evolve and grow with the times. Our new menus are nothing short of creative and we hope that with each visit customers will be treated to a new experience since their last visit.

Tippling Club is located at 38 Tg Pagar Rd, Singapore 088461. Book here.

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