Wendy’s Canada: Launch of a new breakfast menu

Today, Wendy’s® announced that breakfast will be available at all Wendy’s restaurants across Canada this spring, entering a new time slot to give Canadians what they deserve: a breakfast that doesn’t skimp. Say goodbye to dry English muffins, stale breakfast sandwiches and transparent bacon, and wake up to a delicious cooked-to-order breakfast accompanied by a meticulously brewed cup of coffee especially for Canadian guests. Freshly cracked Canadian eggs on every sandwich, savory applewood smoked bacon, freshly baked at each restaurant daily, and cookies served hot from the oven.

“Canadians deserve a better, high-quality, fast and affordable breakfast experience without compromise. That’s exactly what Wendy’s will deliver when we launch breakfast across Canada this spring,” said Abigail Pringle, President, International and Chief Development Officer. “We’ve done the work, immersing ourselves in what Canadian customers expect from their breakfast and will serve hot, cooked-to-order, flavorful food, using high-quality ingredients that have long set Wendy’s apart from the competition. . We are confident that our breakfast experience will make Wendy’s their number one choice.”

Wendy’s mouth-watering breakfast menu, which changes the morning routine, will be unveiled in the coming weeks, putting a twist on familiar flavors and paying homage to fan favorites like breakfast Baconator®.

Wendy’s has been on a roll in Canada for the past few years, gaining market share and achieving record sales. Wendy’s Canada also recently celebrated the country’s 400th restaurant opening last November and is actively recruiting new franchisees to join the system. This growth is supported by Wendy’s continued points of difference: sourcing high-quality Canadian ingredients, such as fresh, never-frozen Canadian beef; continuously investing in innovation and quality of menus such as Hot & Crispy fries, Strawberry Frosty® lettuce and tomatoes grown in Canada; improve the sustainability of packaging; and invest in its delivery and digital businesses to reach more customers, more often.

To support its breakfast expansion, Wendy’s Canadian franchisees plan to hire approximately 1,600 crew members across the country, providing opportunities for flexibility and career building. Morning folks who are ready to cook breakfast Wendy’s style can apply today at wendys-careers.com/caen/ or visit their local restaurant Wendy’s.

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