Wagamama’s new summer menu (and its katsu salad!) looks so tasty

Calling all Wagamama fans: everyone’s favorite Japanese restaurant chain has just launched its summer menu (with a focus on adding healthier and vegan options into the mix) and we have to admit that some of the new editions sound absolutely superb.

Which one excites us the most? Everyone’s favorite dish – their legendary katsu curry, which can be ordered with chicken, vegetables (yasai) or tofu and soy protein (known as “vegatsu”) – has inspired a new salad. Yeah, there is now a katsu salad option with tempeh (soya) or chicken in crispy panko breadcrumbs, with edamame beans, marinated Asian coleslaw, pea shoots, Japanese pickles, red chili peppers and curry dressing. Yell!

Wagamama also shared that they are focusing on gut health with their new summer menu, highlighting kimchee (a traditional Korean side dish of salty, fermented vegetables that is good for your gut) in particular. They paired it with mackerel in the new Spicy Miso Mackerel fish dish, served with sweet potato, tender broccoli, bok choi, shiitake mushrooms and kimchee fried rice. Which doesn’t look delicious, does it?

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Next, new Korean-inspired Ssambap lettuce wraps with tempeh or chicken, which come with kimchee sauce and pickled coleslaw. There’s also a rather tasty new sticky miso corn (another plant-based offering). Wagamama describes this one as “corn on the cob rings coated in a sticky spicy sauce and finished with sesame seeds and spring onions” – honestly, take us there now.

The food group also announced that it will provide menus with and without calories, for anyone with a complex relationship with food, as the government’s new scheme calling on all major restaurants to list calorie content comes into play this this month. Thomas Heier, CEO of Wagamama, said the decision was made in hopes of helping ease the stress of restaurant meals for those struggling with eating disorders.

“After two years of working with our charity partners Young Minds, eating disorders in young people is something we are acutely aware of,” Heier explained. “As calories become a legal necessity for all restaurants, we decided to offer a calorie-free menu for customers suffering from a difficult relationship with food.”

Fancy a Wagamama, anyone?

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