Visit the largest showcase of Japanese cuisine, culture and entertainment in Singapore


A feast for the senses awaits visitors at Japan’s largest summer festival, held in conjunction with the 10th annual Sports Hub Community Play Day, at the National Stadium on September 8-9. The stadium premises will be transformed into a massive festival ground with over 100 Japanese food, game and merchandise stalls, as well as a central stage featuring 25 sensational stage performances by 24 groups and organizations from Japan and Singapore.

These representations include:

  • Taiko Drum Performance – an ancient Japanese percussion using large drums;
  • Yosakoi – a unique dance style usually performed at festivals in Japan;
  • Domobic – an aerobics dance performance named after the beloved Domo, official mascot of the Japanese public broadcaster NHK; and
  • the distinctive Hawaiian Hula Dance Show among many others.

Sue Kealohiokalani Mayuzumi, who heads the Japan Hula Dance Group Association of Singapore, said:

“The Summer Festival is a huge event for the Japanese Association. This year’s event is particularly special due to its location at the Singapore Sports Hub. It marks a milestone in how the summer festival connects both Japanese and local communities here in Singapore. I know a lot of people in the Japanese community who haven’t been to the national stadium, and they are excited to attend the festival there. Among my students, we represent Japanese, Hawaiians and Singaporeans. The majority of my students are Japanese and most of them have experienced the festival in Japan. Therefore, I think they can bring this experience to liven up the atmosphere here in Singapore.

Authentic Japanese stands

Along with authentic Japanese F&B stalls serving dishes typically associated with festivals, visitors can also shop from a colorful array of Japanese goods, including anime-related products, cosmetics and skin care products, bags tote, stationery, origami earrings, prepackaged snacks, toys, French inspired hats, handmade spoon kits, craft accessories and many more (details below). ‘Annex B).

Photo credit: The Japanese Association, Singapore

Domo and Pikachu welcome sessions

In addition to the on-stage entertainment, visitors can have the chance to meet Domo and Pikachu in action and have a photo taken with them during the welcome sessions, on a first-come, first-served basis during the 2-hour event. days.

Exciting games to entertain the whole family

There are three main play areas to keep the whole family entertained: the Pokémon Carnival area, Sports Hub Community Play Day – Fun on Wheels! and the Game Corner of the Japanese association. The carnival features several Pokémon-themed playstations and machines, where participants can test their hand-eye coordination skills in games such as “Let’s Battle Pikachu”, “Squirtle Yo Rescue” and “Gengar Shadow Ball”.

The game corner of the Japanese association

At the Japan Association’s Game Corner, there are five booths showcasing traditional summer festival favorites, including Yo-Yo Tsuri, a game involving fishing for water balloons using a frail string of paper with a hook; Shateki, a game where participants can shoot their target prizes to win them; and Senbonbiki, a game where participants can choose from a multitude of strings to pull, to see if he or she can win prizes.

Visit the largest showcase of Japanese cuisine, culture and entertainment in Singapore

Photo credit: The Japanese Association, Singapore

“Fun on wheels! »Theme

The Sports Hub community play day will take place simultaneously on the grounds of the national stadium, with “Fun on wheels!” Type activities. »Theme. Visitors can relive the glory days of the arcade with the 90s car racing video game Daytona and Initial D. Other popular Japanese-made arcade games include Dance Dance Revolution and Bishi Bashi.

Singapore GP F1 traveling truck

Besides the arcade games, a Singapore GP F1 Roving Truck will be on site inside the national stadium, for participants to test the reflexes of motor racing enthusiasts in our simulators. There will also be giant versions of popular group games such as Twister, Snakes & Ladders, and Pick-Up Sticks.

Visit the largest showcase of Japanese cuisine, culture and entertainment in Singapore

Photo credit: Singapore Sports Hub

Japan themed games

The Sports Hub Community Play Day area will also include Japanese themed games such as Hanetsuki, a game that looks like badminton, but played without a net; Ohajiki, a game of touching small coins in the shape of called coins with the fingers, to strike other coins; Otedama, a game where the challenge is to throw and catch small bags of beans.

Stay active through fun, sports and fitness activities

Fitness enthusiasts can look forward to mass J-Party Fitness workouts conducted by Japanese instructors. The program includes popular routines such as Zumba, Salsation, and Kardioblast, and it will run from 1 p.m. to 3 p.m. on both days with fitness packs up for grabs.

Visit the largest showcase of Japanese cuisine, culture and entertainment in Singapore

Photo credit: The Japanese Association, Singapore

Each day will end with the Bon Odori dance, where participants can take part in the traditional dance while wearing the Yukata. For more information on the Japan Summer Festival, go here.

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