Vegan flank steak is on the menu at these 6 restaurants

Hungry plant eaters no longer have to settle for a salad when ordering at their favorite London restaurants. Israeli food tech company Redefine Meat just announced that its 3D-printed vegan flank steaks will be rolling out to foodservice providers this month. The innovative vegan company will showcase its vegan flank steaks and several other plant-based meat alternatives at popular restaurants including Gauthier Soho, Mr. Whites, German Gymnasium, Chotto Matte and Gillray’s Steakhouse and Bar.

Redefine Meat’s innovative vegan meats use 3D printing technology that optimizes its recipe by analyzing 70 sensory parameters. Once the taste profile is complete, 3-D technology produces a whole cut of vegan meat that mimics the texture, juiciness and taste of traditional meat. The company’s expansion into the London foodservice sector will feature its ‘New Meat’ range, including minced beets, sausages, premium burgers, lamb skewers and flank steaks.

“We are thrilled to partner with these prestigious restaurants and bring New Meat to their discerning clientele,” Redefine Meat CEO and co-founder Eshchar Ben-Shitrit said in a statement. “As we continue our expansion in Europe, we look forward to increasing the availability of New Meat to more chefs and restaurateurs and helping them meet the strong demand from meat lovers, flexitarians, vegetarians and vegans.”

You Can Find Vegan Flank Steak At These 6 Restaurants

Gauthier Soho

World-renowned chef Alexis Gauthier has revealed he will be presenting Redefine Meat’s vegan flank steak at Gauthier Soho as well as Redefine’s vegan lamb on Gauthier Soho’s “Grand Diner” summer tasting menu. The chef himself went vegan in 2015 when he first cut foie gras from his menus, then revamped the menu to be entirely plant-based when the restaurant reopened after closing in the event. of pandemic.

“The new meat from Redefine Meat is the closest we’ve found to the texture and taste of meat,” Gauthier said in a statement. “We believe that for the greater good, the future of food will invariably contain more technology-based solutions and that requires both familiarity and classic delights.”

At Mr. White’s

Chef Marco Pierre White earned his three Michelin stars thanks to his inventive techniques and risky dishes. Today, Chef White continues his legacy as a pioneer in fine dining. The chef – once a mentor to Gordon Ramsay – introduced Redefine Meat to his UK restaurants in late 2021, becoming the first London-based chef to partner with the Israel-based company.

“When I first tasted Redefine Meat, I was blown away,” White said at the time. “Redefine Meat’s New-Meat products are pure genius, giving you all the sustainability and health benefits of plant-based products, without compromising on taste and texture.”

Now the legendary chef is introducing several new dishes to his restaurant At Mr. White’s including a redesigned burger, a redesigned bolognese, a redesigned macaroni and cheese, a redesigned salsiccia pizza and several dishes using the new flank steak.

german gymnasium

german gymnasiumExecutive Chef Bjoern Wassmuth plans to cater to his plant-based clientele with three new menu items. The sprawling restaurant will feature a Redefine beef burger topped with romaine lettuce, crispy onions, a special sauce and cheddar cheese; a Redefine beef flank steak coated in a soy-chili glaze and served with broccoli; and a redefined Lamb Kofta with dahl of yellow split peas, zucchini, ginger and tomatoes.

“The demand for meat alternatives in London is growing and becoming increasingly fashionable,” Wassmuth said in a statement. “With Redefine Meat, I discovered that their products taste very similar to animal meat, giving them the texture and flavors without any artificial aftertaste. It is the beginning of the future. »

Chotto Matte

Matte Chocco has gained worldwide attention for Chef Jordon Sclare’s Nikkei cuisine – a Peruvian-Japanese style of cooking. With 11 locations worldwide, Chocco Matte is helping popularize Nikkei cuisine and now Chef Sclare is working to improve its accessibility for plant-based diners. Sclare will introduce vegan steak and lamb to its Soho and Marylebone locations.

At both London locations, Chef Sclare will present Redefine Beef Flank with spicy teriyaki and cilantro; a Redefine hash stuffed with gyoza with ginger, miso vegetables, red pepper ponzu and yuzu sweet potato; and Redefine smoked lamb flank marinated with cilantro and Peruvian chilli miso

“Sustainability and innovation are the twin pillars of the Chotto Matte brand and we have always offered a diverse offering of plant-based dishes in our restaurants, but Redefine Meat is the first plant-based meat alternative that has been served at Chotto Matte,” Sclare said in a statement. “Now our customers can enjoy the chance to have a unique meat alternative paired with our signature Nikkei flavors.”

Gillray’s Steakhouse and Bar

Located directly on the Thames, Gillray’s Steakhouse and Bar will offer its customers two plant-based options designed to taste and look exactly like its traditional meat options. The London steakhouse will serve the Redefine Beef Flank Steak with a Yorkshire pudding as well as a Redefine Beef Burger prepared with the conventional toppings.

Redefining Meat seeks to redefine hotel food

Last July, Redefine announced its partnership with Selina – a digital nomadic style hotel chain. Selina will feature Redefine Meat products in its 155 hotels around the world. The company aims to develop a plant-based version of each menu item at all locations to cater to the growing population of young vegans. The hotel chain began introducing New-Meat selections over the past month, starting with Selina Tel Aviv Beach in Israel and Selina Cambden in London.

“We are working towards a big vision, which is to make Redefine Meat the biggest meat company in the world – and our collaboration with Selina allows us to bring New-Meat to a much wider global audience and to take another step towards that,” Ben-Shitrit said. “We are truly delighted to have found a perfect partner in Selina, and the opportunity to offer a range of New-Meat dining experiences to Selina guests, whether they are vegetarians, vegans or food-conscious meat eaters. ‘environment.”

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