UNLIMEAT Launches Alternative Meat Dishes at Gyudon Sukiya Chain Chinese Restaurants


  • from Japan leading Gyudon restaurant brand, Sukiya, launched UNLIMEAT Vegetable Gyudon at 15 of its branches in China

  • Gyudon also started using UNLIMEAT meat substitutes for 4 new herbal bulgogi menu items

Seoul, South Korea and SHANGHAI, 23 December 2021 / PRNewswire / – UNLIMEAT, asia leading plant-based meat brand, has partnered with Sukiya, a restaurant chain specializing in Japanese gyudon, to launch the “Plant Energy Don Series”, an alternative meat menu, at Sukiya restaurants in China.


Sukiya is one of the biggest brands of Gyudon in the market and has approximately 2,500 locations in Japan. There are also branches in mainland China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Mexico, and Brazil, mainland China alone has 470 sites.

New items introduced include 4 dishes using UNLIMEAT. First there is the *Plant Energy Don, which is tenderly cooked UNLIMEAT vegetable meat mixed with onions and topped with a delicious sauce. Then comes the *Cheese Plant Energy Don, which is made from 3 or 4 types of soft cheeses combined with the meat of vegetable origin. the *Tomato Plant Energy Don is a tasty balance of sweet and sour tomato sauce and plant-based meat. Finally, there is the *Green Bean Energy Don, which is served with spicy pickled green beans, making it rich in protein and other essential nutrients.

The new Gyudon is sold in 15 Sukiya stores in Shanghai, China, and will be gradually introduced in all stores. With the exception of the Cheese Plant Energy Don, which is lacto-vegetarian, all are vegan and can be enjoyed at an affordable price of $ 24 to 33 yuan (approximately 4,500 to 6,000 Korean won) per bowl.

The “UNLIMEAT Slice “used in the Don Plant Energy Series is a 100% plant-based alternative to toasted Bulgogi made from textured soy protein and rice protein, and is nutritionally enhanced with added superfoods including quinoa, lentils and peas. chick.

A UNLIMEAT said, “We are delighted to help launch these new menu items at popular gyudon restaurants in Sukiya. UNLIMEATThe plant-based meat alternative is ideal for Asian dishes such as Bulgogi, red pepper japchae, and Mara Xiangguo, in addition to Gyudon, a bowl of Japanese beef. As the interest and demand for our products is high not only in Korea, but also abroad, we will continue to work to introduce healthy and delicious products. UNLIMEAT articles in various restaurants around the world. “


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