Underbelly Burger is now open at the Houston Farmers Market


Award-winning chef James Beard Chris Berger and her team at Underbelly Hospitality can tick one of their many 2022 goals off their list. Belly burger is now open at the Houston Farmers Market, located at 2520 Airline. It’s the first of several new or relocated restaurants the company plans to open this year, including Wild Oats under Culinary Management and Chef. Nick good, which will also be at the Houston Farmers Market.

Decorated with green and white tiles and Shepherd’s collection of vintage burger memorabilia, the restaurant, designed by Amanda Medsger, is reminiscent of mid-century roadside burger stalls. Matt Tabor’s hand-painted “Burger Guys” artwork adds to the retro vibe. While Underbelly Burger only has 14 seats inside, there are plenty of outdoor tables all over the market – perfect for alfresco dining when the weather is cooperative.

Belly burger
Underbelly Burger has an old-fashioned roadside burger stand vibe. Photo by Julie Soefer.

Conveniently, Underbelly Burger is able to source beef from the new butcher’s shop nearby RC Ranch, as well as its long-time Texas meats supplier 44 Farms. In a unique twist, customers can choose any company ground beef they want in their burger. Regardless, both burgers are slightly modified versions of The Hay Merchant’s beloved Cease & Desist Burger, which is set to close in mid-January. Each includes two patties, American cheese, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles. the 44 Farms Angus Burger costs $ 12 and the Burger RC Ranch Wagyu is $ 14 (Wagyu is more expensive than Angus). Children can order a simple burger, which is part of the $ 10 children’s meal.

There are also options without beef, including a crispy chicken sandwich with Black Pepper Buttermilk Dressing, Swiss Cheese and Pickles, and a Vegetarian burger with avocado, lettuce and corn relish. Each is $ 12. Another option for vegetarians is the kale salad. It combines pickled kale for added flavor and tenderness with candied pecans, Parmesan and golden raisins.

If you’re looking for an opportunity to taste Shepherd’s Bacon Sausage (which we included in a recent list of the best Houston Homemade Sausages for the House), order the Bacon sausage hot dog with marinated jalapeño mustard.

Belly burger
Underbelly Burger’s 44 Farms Angus Burger with Sidewinder fries and a Karbach Horseshoe Pilsner next to it. Photo by Julie Soefer.

Of course, there are fries. (Come on, you can’t have a burger joint without fries.) The Underbelly Burger version is called Sidewinder Fries. The potatoes are cut into thick crescents, fried until crisp and golden and sprinkled with ranch powder. The shape ensures a soft and mellow interior.

Those in need of that classic burger-fries-and-shake combo can find their solution here. The tremors are coming Chocolate, vanilla, Strawberry and cookies and cream. (No word yet on my favorite: a chocolate malt.)

Those who want something to drink that isn’t sweet and spoonful have several optional $ 5 local beers: Karbach Horseshoe, Saint Arnold Art Car IPA, Karbach Love Street Blonde and 8th Haterade Wonder. For now, only one wine is offered – Ramona Rosé – which would go very well with the kale salad or the veggie burger. It’s $ 7 per glass.

Underbelly Burger is open Tuesday through Sunday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. In-place, take-out and delivery meal orders are all options. Order online on the site.

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