UCOLLEX, MADworld, and Animoca Brands Japan to Unveil “Manga, Anime, and Culture on Web3” at NFT.NYC 2022 |


Expect major announcements regarding the future of anime and NFT to be announced at next month’s conference.

HONG KONG, June 3, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — UCOLLEX and Crazy world will present jointly to NFT.NYCthe largest and most diverse NFT conference in the world, when it comes to New York City between June 20 and 23, 2022.

NFT.NYC, which started in 2019, serves to connect NFT leaders, influencers, developers and fans. The event focuses on businesses and individuals using NFTs to advance blockchain adoption beyond the current wave of consumer applications.

Manga (comics) and anime (animation) have become a global phenomenon over the past 20 years. Using the stage provided by the Tokyo Olympics, their visibility and popularity have never been greater.

In fact, manga and anime are inseparable from Japanese pop culture and are one of its greatest cultural exports. It is with this in mind that UCOLLEX and MADworld, through their partnership with Brands Animoca KK (“Animoca Brands Japan”), intend to integrate and showcase original Japanese art and creators as well as influential and distinguished manga and anime titles, and showcase them at NFT.NYC.

Our conference theme is “Manga, Anime, and Culture in Web3” where attendees can expect to hear more about the partnership’s ambitious plans with popular IPs and artists, as well as some surprises that should disrupt the NFT space.

“MADworld is the home for targeted fan interests, especially anime, streetwear, extreme sports and music. Our team is laser-focused to become the preeminent platform to integrate fan communities into Web3. Together with our partners, MADworld is uniquely positioned to create an experience that fosters a connection between the people and interests represented on our platform.” said Philip TranMarketing Director – MADworld


UCOLLEX is the next-gen creator platform that wants to make digital collectibles accessible to everyone, backed by Animoca Brands: a digital entertainment leader specializing in blockchain and AI technologies. Our goal is to help creators build their fan base economy with the best of technology and community, shaping a world where fans can interact with the creator metaverse. UCOLLEX offers a world where collectors can call home and live their passion for collecting through exclusive content, interviews with artists, the best 3D art and innovative VR experiences.

For more information visit: https://www.ucollex.io

E-mail: [email protected]

About MADworld

MADworld offers an NFT Origin Platform and NFT Marketplace that uses blockchain technology to champion artists, artworks, creators, and content that enters the untraversed multiverse. MADworld supports NFT minting to validate ownership and provenance of physical art, collectibles, merchandise and original content developed from live concerts, sporting events, artist battles and other modes of creative expression. MADworld is designed to give creators full control over their NFT strategy, supporting them in maximizing revenue and impact from their IP in perpetuity.

For more information visit: https://www.madworld.io

About Animoca Brands KK

Animoca Brands KK is the Japanese strategic subsidiary of Animoca Brands which aims to enable famous intellectual property owners to Japan participate in the Web3 ecosystem while leveraging Animoca Brands’ network, reach and expertise to help build the open metaverse.

For more information, visit https://www.animocabrands.co.jp

E-mail: [email protected]

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