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Barcelona bar Two Schmucks presented its latest cocktail menu, the first created by the new creative directors of the place, Juliette Larrouy and Pom Modeste.

Melon, Cheese & Pepper is inspired by brasseries in the south of France

Entitled Flavor of Schmucks, the new list draws on the bar team’s culinary backgrounds and dishes they have a personal connection to.

For example, Larrouy was inspired for his Melon, Fromage & Pepper cocktail from the salads served in brasseries in the south of France. The drink mixes melon syrup with gin and vermouth, topped with a burrata mousse.

Meanwhile, Granny Punch is based on a cucumber salad that Modeste’s grandmother used to make and mixes clarified milk, aquavit, manzanilla sherry, white chocolate liqueur, vanilla, yogurt, cucumber and dill.

Tom kha

Other dishes include Tom Kha, a clarified coconut milk punch infused with fish sauce, themed on the classic Thai dish; Tartines, inspired by French baguettes buttered with jam; and French Soup Manhattan, which translates the flavors of beef bourguignon.

The menu emphasizes local ingredients, some of which come from neighboring Rooftop Smokehouse.

Two Schmucks opened their doors in the El Raval district of Barcelona in 2017, founded by Moe Aljaff and AJ White. White left the company last year and Aljaff made it his mission to grow the Schmuck brand. Along with his business partner James Bligh, Aljaff appointed Larrouy and Modeste as the bar’s new creative directors last fall, and has focused on expansion.

The team launched its first restaurant, Big Schmuck, this summer; last month they opened Lucky Schmuck, a festive bar with karaoke. Both sites are located on the same street as Two Schmucks.

For an in-depth interview with Aljaff, check out the December issue of Spirits trade, soon.

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