Tuxera Receives “Future Workplaces” Recognition for Outstanding Workplace Environment and Culture

The leader in data storage management builds success on a modern, people-centric culture.

HELSINKI, August 2, 2022 (Newswire.com) –
Tuxera, a global leader in data storage management and networking technologies, has received The Important Company’s Future Workplaces Certificate, recognizing the company’s commitment to its employee-led culture that fosters and inspires the next generation of software engineers, marketers, and salespeople through employee empowerment and wellbeing.

The Future Workplaces certificate highlights Tuxera’s performance on The Important Company’s Siqni employee knowledge assessment system. Tuxera employees identified their top five criteria for a great workplace and gave the company extremely positive ratings on these criteria:

• Work-life balance

• Freedom to work regardless of time or location

• Fair salary and benefits

• Meaningful work assignments

• Strong camaraderie in the workplace

As a result, Tuxera’s performance on the widely tracked eNPS (Employer Net Promoter Score) score was a score of 66 – where scores range from -100 to 100, and a score of 50 is considered excellent.

Tuxera’s management believes that the impressive results stem from the company’s fundamentals. “At Tuxera, we trust people to be responsible, give them space to work independently, and focus on the results they get rather than the hours they work,” said the CEO Tuukka Ahoniemi. “We hope our team members know what they are doing, and we encourage and remind people to take care of themselves.”

Tuxera was both pleased and surprised at the strong performance, as it came at a time of rapid growth for the company and as the global pandemic has placed tremendous pressure on all businesses.

“We weren’t expecting such great results – it was really surprising given the global situation and the company’s expansion,” said Henry Hiltunen, vice president of people and culture at Tuxera.

As people around the world seek more fulfilling careers that leave more personal time, many companies are scrambling to respond. “We were better prepared for the effect of the pandemic on the economy and people’s priorities because we are already adopting a flexible work model,” he said.

Key elements of Tuxera’s culture go beyond flexible work hours and locations; treat all employees equally, regardless of employment status, and support people in what they love and excel at what they do.

“Tuxera strives to ensure that our employees have every opportunity to work on projects that they find rewarding – even encouraging them to explore teams and roles other than those for which they were originally hired if that means that they can pursue their passion,” he said.

Tuxera engineers, for example, have a deep belief in their work, which drives employee retention. When asked why they’re sticking with Tuxera, engineers said they believe they’re helping customers and customers of those customers, even though the software they’re building works almost invisibly behind the scenes.

Answers like these underscore Tuxera’s philosophy that employee satisfaction ultimately leads to customer success.

Discovering these kinds of ideas is the most important part of examining Siqni. “An employee evaluation like this is not about getting an award,” Hiltunen said. “It’s about getting real, tangible data about what our people really value and learning how we can support that as a business. It checks where we’re doing well, sheds light on where we can improve, and gives employees another channel to give direct feedback on ways to improve the business.

Tuxera, with offices in seven countries and employees in more than 20 countries, believes its approach to defining workplace culture can offer lessons for all businesses, as it weaves together elements of different ways of work around the world.

For example, Ahoniemi observed that the common “open door” policies practiced by many other companies did not seem to resolve the hierarchical barriers that impeded efforts to resolve issues. “Transparency of emotions” is vital, Ahoniemi said.

“Open communication and common sense methods of resolving conflicts are very Finnish ways of working,” he continued. “People can openly and honestly discuss things around their well-being without having to worry about keeping up appearances. The dialogue between people and with their team leaders can be more open and human.”

“We received a lot of good ideas and actionable suggestions in the survey feedback that were very much aligned with Tuxera’s mission,” Ahoniemi said. “Overall, earning this recognition underscores that we continue to create an employee-centric culture, building Tuxera around unleashing people’s individual passions. growth and profitability goals while remaining focused on employee happiness.”

For more information, visit https://www.tuxera.com/.

About Tuxera

Tuxera is the leading provider of quality assured data storage management software and networking technologies. We help individuals and businesses reliably store and move data while making file transfers fast and content easily accessible. Our software is at the heart of billions of phones, tablets, cars, TVs, cameras, drones, external storage, routers, spaceships, IoT devices and public cloud storage platforms.

Tuxera’s customers include automakers, device manufacturers, industrial equipment manufacturers, data-driven companies and more. They rely on our software to protect data integrity, improve storage performance, transfer data quickly and securely, and extend the life of flash memory in their products and for their projects. We are also members of JEDEC, AGL, SD Association, The Linux Foundation and other industry associations. Founded in 2008, Tuxera’s headquarters are located in Finland, with regional offices in China, Germany, Hungary, South Korea, Japan, Taiwan and the United States.


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