Tried Nobu’s Summer Menu and Felt Like a Kardashian

As a sushi lover, Nobu has been on my radar the longest, but those in the know about pop culture might also know that the world-famous restaurant is adored by the Kardashian family.

While Kim and her sisters are known for showing up at the Malibu restaurant, London’s Old Park Lane restaurant, a short walk from Green Park station, celebrates its 25th anniversary this year.

I went out to see if Nobu really lived up to expectations and tried the 5 course summer menu which came back this week.

Edamame with sesame and chilli

There are a few choices presented to you from the set menu, the first being salted chili or sesame edamame. I went for the sesame chili and couldn’t have been happier.

There is a bit of spiciness in the sauce so I would only recommend it to those who can handle the heat and would recommend having a drink handy.

The combination of sesame and chili complement each other massively and I could easily choose from all day. These are the best edamame I’ve tried in London, but be careful when eating them as the bright red sauce can easily leave a mark.

Baby spinach salad with dry miso topped with grilled shrimp - Nobu
Baby Spinach Salad with Dry Miso Topped with Grilled Shrimp

Salads can be very hit or miss, but Nobu knows exactly what they’re doing with this one. The base is made with a blend of fresh spinach, parmesan cheese, olive oil, yuzu juice, crispy tofu skin, and Nobu’s signature dry miso.

But it was the grilled shrimp skewer on top that stole the show. The huge prawns are tender and juicy, and I still think about them hours later.

If I had to try only one thing from the whole menu, it would absolutely be this one.

Nobu Sushi Selection
Nobu Sushi Selection

Nobu is known for its sushi and it’s easy to see why. The fish melts in your mouth, the nigiri already having a small amount of wasabi between the rice and the fish.

If you are a sushi fan, you have to put Nobu on your restaurant list.

Although I’m a huge fan of nigiri, I think the California rolls stole the show and I could easily fill up on them alone.

Your server serves you the soy sauce and the overall experience is luxurious.

Black cod with miso
Black Cod with Miso

Black cod with miso is a signature dish that lovers of luxury Japanese cuisine know well. I fell in love with the Sushi Samba dish in Dubai, and Nobu did not disappoint with their own version.

This dish will normally cost you £46.50, so this is a great opportunity to try it as part of this £40 menu.

Served with a pickle to cleanse your palette between bites, definitely recommend.

The fish is tender and manages to be juicy at the same time with the miso complementing it perfectly.

Whiskey cappuccino
Whiskey cappuccino

Although you might expect a hot drink to appear when you go for the Whiskey Cappuccino, this dessert is anything but.

There’s a crumbly coffee base topped with ice cream with the fluffy whiskey foam which is delicious, I’m not the biggest whiskey fan but found the flavor delicate enough not to overpower.

You can also opt for a selection of mochi, but I suggest you opt for this unique dessert.

The 5-course summer menu runs until Wednesday 31st August and will cost you £40pp, or £32.50 for the vegetarian option, and is available Monday to Wednesday during lunch hours.

If you want to feel like a Kardashian, you can make a reservation here.

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