TikTok Gourmet Instant Ramen Recipe

JeremyScheck (@scheckeats) is a college chef known for his viral TikTok recipes and 2.1 million followers. #NBD And he’s usually found whipping up easy, fun, budget-friendly meals from the comfort of his own dorm, like his student-approved ramen recipe below.

“I love that there are so many ways to tailor ramen to your preferences and needs,” Scheck says. “If you’re really in a hurry, you can have it plain, but there are so many quick ways to make it a balanced meal!”

Ahead, some of his tips for turning every college kid’s go-to meal (ramen) into a Gourmet Instant Soy-Marinated Egg Ramen.

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Best TikTok ramen recipe

What are your tips for TikTok-ifying ramen?

I really like the trend from Japan where you mix Japanese mayonnaise and a raw egg with the flavor packet and then add the hot cooking water to that. It adds a lot of body to the broth and makes it almost creamy. The heat of the water “cooks” the egg without scrambling it.

What toppings do you like for fancy, upgraded ramen?

There are a number of really affordable toppings that can help make your ramen tastier and more nutritious. I love a soy marinated egg and scallions on top and freshly grated garlic and ginger in the broth. I also like to drizzle on a little sesame oil or chili oil for extra flavor. Fish cakes and bok choy are also great toppings. I think the best part about this recipe is that most of the ingredients cost next to nothing, and you probably already have them at home. I wanted to work with credit karma because they are all about helping to find that balance in our budget. We should be able to afford delicious, high-quality ingredients like these that won’t drastically cut into our grocery budget.

What brands of ramen do you swear by?

My favorite brand of ramen is shin ramyun, which is a Korean brand. It has a lot more flavor than the typical fare you get in the US, but it’s still super cheap and available at my local grocery store.

How do you serve ramen?

Hot and when I’m hungry!

Jeremy Scheck

Best tips for cooking ramen?

I don’t like mushy noodles, I always choose the lowest time recommended by the package. I also use some of the noodle water for the broth if I spice it up with the egg and Japanese mayonnaise (in the broth).

Tips for making ramen in the microwave?

Many brands work if you simply boil water in the microwave and pour it over the ramen. This is probably the easiest way, as long as the noodles are cooked enough!

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