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Eros Ana Orion was born in 2002 and yet the student and creator of TikTok is fascinated by the technologies used at that time, especially those that marked pop culture. On her TikTok @oriononline, which has over 45,000 followers, she tracks down outdated gadgets and explains her findings in detail. In one instance, the 20-year-old found the phone Fergie was using in the “Glamorous” music video (2006): a 2006 LG T9 enV (VX9900) hard to see. In another clip, Orion shows off a Nokia 3250 phone that Rihanna uses in her “SOS” music video (2005) (one feature of the phone is that the bottom half twists). Orion also delved into the history of Dior luxury phones. — while sporting a pair of futuristic sunglasses that take up almost half of her face — and explored the history of Beyoncé’s long-forgotten collaboration with Samsung in 2007.

Part of Orion’s obsession with turn-of-the-millennium cell phones and CD players—and the fashion that went with them—stemmed from daydreaming what it would be like for a 2000s teenager to play with the Y2K technology. “I wanted to see how people connected to the culture at that time,” she says. “I was like, ‘If I was a teenager in 1997 or 2004, how would I share my life?'” One specific celebrity who led her to start her research was Pharrell, who carried a cellphone in every interview or paparazzi photo from the early 2000s. “I actually have a timeline of all the phones that Pharrell owned from 2001 to 2009. After 2009, it’s just iPhones,” she says. (This timeline is documented in one of his TikToks.)

To perform searches, Orion digs into old catalogs on, allowing users to see now-defunct websites and entries. She’ll also go to phone maker websites, like Nokia’s, where they’ve registered every phone they’ve ever released.

Orion’s sense of style is influenced by his obsession. “I always think about the concept of man versus machine. I never want to feel dominated by these things that I own,” she says. “I feel like when I put them on, I’m reaffirming that we’re giving these things purpose, we’re giving them functionality.” In one of his TikToks, Orion shows off four different ways to wear headphones: wrapping them around his pigtails and tying them around his neck like a choker. She will hang an Apple watch on her visor or simply wear a helmet as a decorative accessory. Orion often wears her keyboard tank top, which she made herself.

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