This Calgary sushi restaurant uses a high-speed train to deliver food straight to your seat


A Calgary restaurant is taking a futuristic approach to its cuisine, and you can have your sushi delivered by bullet train.

Conveyor belts are a thing of the past at Point Sushi in Chinatown, as each Point Sushi table is outfitted with a tablet screen that displays photos and descriptions of each dish.

In a dining experience that doesn’t seem out of place with the pandemic, all you have to do is choose what you want, hit send on the tablet, and the kitchen will whip up freshly made sushi for you.

Once prepared, your dishes will board their own high-speed train and be delivered to your table. Part of the fun is watching the train zip around the restaurant dropping food on other tables, but be careful, you’ll probably get a strong urge to eat.

There are a ton of different types of rolls on offer, from classic salmon rolls or California rolls to more specialized items like rainbow rolls, dynamite rolls and cowboy rolls, as well as a huge range of sashimi dishes.

If you’re in the mood for something hot, there’s also chicken yakisoba, fried gyoza, and barbecue pork buns are also on the menu.

Each table also has its own tap for hot tea or you can order beer, soft drinks or even imported Japanese drinks.

Sushi Point

Price: 💸💸

Address: 116 Second Ave. SW, Calgary, AB

Why you should go: You can have delicious sushi delivered to your table on its very own high-speed train. It’s simple, quick and delicious!


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