This anime recipe book features recipes from your favorite anime

From Ghibli movies to food wars, the anime is full of mouth-watering foods that we never got to try. So far, that is. Nadine Estero, known on Instagram under the handle @issagrill, is known for cooking anime-inspired dishes on Instagram, with videos where she cooks or shows off the food herself. She recently launched a pre-order The Animated Chef’s Cookbook with 75 anime-inspired recipes, so you too can cook food from or inspired by your favorite anime.

Nadine Estero cooks dishes inspired by her favorite Japanese anime and media characters. Recently she made cupcakes with Anya’s art from Spy X FamilyKomi of Komi can’t communicateand made a plethora of Inspired by Genshin Impact food. She has over 46,000 followers on Instagram and over 100,000 subscribers on Youtube.


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Some of the recipes are legit fan-favorite food-themed anime foods. The food wars The puffed omelet from the Tōtsuki Friendship and Report of the 92nd Generation Tōtsuki Training Camp from the first season is confirmed in the cookbook, along with the infamous Peanut Butter Squid from the first episode of the same season. Other food-related anime recipes include Panda Shaved Ice Parfait from Polar Bear Cafethe Frozen Mango Cocktail of love is like a cocktailand more, to name a few.

Some foods are more inspired by the anime themselves. There’s a “recipe” called Bento Inspiration, with ideas for your own personalized bento box inspired by Babysitters Gakuen. Along with that, there’s a cake recipe inspired by the Alice in Wonderland episode of Ouran High School Host Cluba Mystery Sizzling Steak inspired by tokyo ghouland even instructions for My Neighbor Totoro latte art.

Even a few recipes are inspired by popular memes in online anime circles. One of them is for Nikuman’s After-School Haikyu!!, Sasha’s stolen bread and potato soup remembering the once-popular potato meme The attack of the Titansand even a Cold Soba recipe inspired by the Todoroki meme from My hero academia.

If you pre-order the cookbook, you get an exclusive bookmark, an exclusive bookplate, and a signed copy of the cookbook. Each recipe includes step-by-step instructions, with cooking tips, detailed information about the anime and episode the recipe is inspired by, and full-page colorful illustrations to accompany the recipe. There is also recipe information with an estimate of preparation time and cooking time.

You can pre-order the cookbook here on Amazon.

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