The winter menu at Kirby Cafe in Japan is super cute



Kirby’s Cafe in Japan is getting a limited-time winter menu this year, and every food it offers this season is ridiculously adorable.

The restaurant sells dishes inspired by Kirby and his Dream Land friends, ranging from drinks and snacks to full meals and desserts. From November 18, 2021 to February 28, 2022, the Kirby Cafe will offer special dishes around a winter theme to celebrate the season.

You can take a look at a few examples below of the types of things that can be ordered from this winter menu, and as you can see each one is incredibly cute:

Visitors to the cafe will be able to enjoy burgers, pasta, fruit, desserts, hot drinks and more by ordering from this winter menu. And of course, each post is specially designed to introduce Kirby and other beloved characters from the series.

The Kirby Cafe has three locations in Japan: two in Tokyo and one in Fukuoka. If you aren’t planning on taking a trip to enjoy this adorable winter menu anytime soon, you can longingly watch from afar by following their Twitter messages.

You can see a preview of what these cafes look like in the photos below, including their gift shop full of Kirby products you can buy.

kirby coffee shop

Would you like to visit a Kirby cafe like this to taste delicious food inspired by your favorite characters? Let us know in the comments what you would order from the winter menu.

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