The new sandwiches on the McDonald’s menu are surprisingly different

If you’re the type of person who prefers a classic cheeseburger, fries, and a soda when you crave a satisfying fast food lunch, you’re probably a McDonald’s. (MCD) – Get the McDonald’s Corporation report fan.

The chain has long cultivated its all-American image with great success, catering to people who appreciate the simple pleasures of these meals.

While McDonald’s continues to innovate with the rest of the fast food industry, a tactic that seems necessary for continued success, the way it has done so has been moderate compared to its competitors.

Take Restaurant Brand International (RSQ) – Get the report from Restaurant Brands International Inc. Burger King, for example, which remains somewhat tame in the United States but is going wild in the international market, offering everything from mangoes to ice cream on its flame-grilled Whoppers.

However, McDonald’s seemingly traditional approach differs a bit depending on where you go to eat its food. And with this new collection of sandwiches, the chain proves that it is just as innovative as its competitors when the situation calls for it.

What are the new sandwiches at McDonald’s?

If you’re a classic McDonald’s guy who’s been ordering the Big Mac for 30 years every time you drop by for a meal, these new sandwiches making their debut at the chain’s Japanese locations just might shake your delicate sensibilities.

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First, “buns” are not typical buns made from bread at all, but toasted rice cakes shaped like a bun. And not just any rice either. The rice used is known as Koshihikari, a famous staple in Japan known for its plump grains and delicious flavor.

Then you have the meats, which are definitely not your standard beef fare. You can choose from a fried chicken patty topped with a piece of garlic-infused bacon, a fried shrimp patty, or a teriyaki pork patty.

Finally, each sandwich has a unique sauce. The chicken one has a mayonnaise-based sauce flavored with soy sauce, garlic and chilli, while the shrimp option has a red pepper and garlic sauce. The one with teriyaki pork, as you might have guessed, comes with teriyaki sauce.

Another unusual thing about these new McDonald’s menu items is that you can only buy them at night. They’re called the Night Mac collection and won’t be sold in McDonald’s stores until 5 p.m. each day. If you go to a 24-hour restaurant, you can order one until 4:59, which should be useful if sleep is slipping away.

The ad for the Night Mac collection is also quite amusing, as it depicts a vampire stumbling out of his coffin and posing as a McDonald’s employee to gain access to the sandwich.

These fancy new sandwiches will go on sale from June 29, and prices range from 430 yen (US$3.16) to 740 yen (US$5.44). Surprisingly, there’s no indication that these new sandwiches are a limited edition item, so for now you can get them anytime (as long as it’s after 5pm EST and you’re not a vampire, apparently ).

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