The new Pokemon people think is based on a famous food


The creators of Lechonk have yet to tell those of us who live outside of the Pokeverse how the Pig came to be, or even what inspired his name. As Gamerant points out, it appears to be a combination of the words “lechon” and “chonk”.

While “chonk” appears to be a reference to the girth of the pig, the word “lechon” may be of Filipino or Latin American origin, according to Kotaku, which refers to a whole roast suckling pig. “Lechon” can also mean “suckling pig” in Spanish, leading some fans to theorize that the new game is set in Spain and that Lechonk is a black Iberian pig.

Regardless of Lechonk’s backstory, the internet has embraced the pulpy pig creature as its own, with members of the Twitterverse coming out in full force to express their love for the latest Pokemon. The Twitterati worked hard to roll out the red carpet for Lechonk, with fans sharing art and enthusiastic greetings almost immediately. A cry even came from the viral internet game Among Us, which tweeted “HELLO LECHONK I LOVE YOU”.

But one specific social media user may have spoken for all of us in a Tweeter which has been loved by over 14,000 people: “I keep thinking I’m kinda into pokemon and then suddenly boom lechonk exist.”

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