The most expensive meals cooked on ‘Food Wars’

One of the most beloved anime series dedicated to the culinary arts, food wars has been a success since its inception. The series, known for its elaborate dishes and delicacies, is a fan favorite, no doubt because of the protagonist Akihisa Soma and the other interesting characters.

food wars is also known for its constant fan service, displayed by characters having food gasps after taking a bite of the edible creations. Expressive moans at the loss of their clothes in reaction, food wars has boosted some of the most hilarious anime memes on social media.

There’s a wide variety of meals on the show, and naturally, some are more delicious and more expensive than others. From using everyday ingredients to make masterpieces to sourcing some of the best meats to create complex dishes, here are the priciest meals featured in food wars.

10. Insalatta Frittata

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Insalatta Frittata is an Italian dish prepared by Takumi Aldini for the buffet breakfast challenge during the Totsuki Friendship and Rapport boot camp. It is inspired by Takumi’s Italian roots. It’s an omelet meant to be eaten with a salad by breaking the frittata into large chunks and combining it with lettuce, cherry tomatoes, and English cucumber. Parmesan cheese is then added along with balsamic vinegar. Insalatta Frittata has a refreshing taste of vinegar and is a breakfast dish you can make at home or buy from a restaurant for $8.

9. Curry Kozhi Varutha

Curry Kozhi Varutha
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Kozhi Varutha Curry is an Indian dish prepared by Akira Hayama for Soma Yukihira and Megumi Tadokoro at Shiomi Seminar to show the power of spices. Akira made his signature curry dish which uses water, not coconut milk. The meal can be translated as “fried chicken curry” and contains chicken meat, curry leaves, onions, cayenne peppers and some of the best spices in the world in Tamil Nadu. Chicken curry is a popular dish that is normally served with rice and costs around $15 in most restaurants.

8. Improved Three-Layer Lemon Curd Semifreddo.

Improved Three-Layer Lemon Semifreddo.
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These Semifreddo variations were performed by Subaru Mimasaka and Takumi Aldini respectively for their quarter-final bout. Subaru originally copied Takumi’s dish with his “Perfect Trace” ability, but Takumi added a secret fourth layer to give himself the overall advantage. The first layer has scattered pralines; the second layer contains ice cream (meringue and heavy cream); the third and final layer for Subaru was Genoise; and Takumi had a fourth and final layer for his addition of lemon curd made from eggs, sugar, lemon juice, lemon zest, butter, and olive oil. Takumi was able to mix two cultures together again. You can get a semifreddo for around $29 to $49.

7. Yule Log

Christmas log
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Soma Yukihira’s first entry on this list is a French dessert cake, with the main ingredient being mountain yam. Soma did this to fight Sarge in the BLUE arc of the series. A completely dairy-free and sugar-free cake, the dish used a broken ice cream scoop to texture the outside, making it look like a log. It is based on the Christmas tradition in which the burning of a log symbolizes a fresh start for a new year. It starts with a cocoa sponge cake filled with cocoa hazelnut whipped cream, chocolate ganache with meringues, sweet cranberries and rosemary. It ranges from $28 to $63 during the holiday season in France.

6. Spear Squid Causa

Spear Squid Causa
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A squid meal prepared by Rindo Kobayashi to fight the Ripireni squid prepared by Takumi Aldini in their fourth round, the dish contains a chewy squid burger, spear squid, egg whites, onions, lemon and mayonnaise, as well as lightly fried soy sauce. . Rindo used Irish Potatoes which act like lightly pressed sushi and were dyed with Aji Amarillo. Normally, the burger would contain tuna, but Rindo used Arapima instead, which has similar properties to chicken. With her know-how, she tamed the flavors and made a quality dish. Spear Squid will set you back the most around $50.

5. Hare Royale

Hare Royale
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This dish was made by Eishi Tsukasa during his match against Satoshi Isshiki in the second map of the fourth Cuisine Regiment fight. Tsukasa was the academy’s current grand chef at the time, and he composed the dish in five parts: Lievre Ensemble, Rabbit Blood & Chocolate Sauce, Royale Custard, Chestnut Confit, and a Fig-Apple with Black Truffles added to bring out wealth. The meal, as usual, blew the judges away. Hare A La Royale costs around $60 in many restaurants in France.

The next four are specialty dishes prepared by the four best cooks in the academy. Chefs’ signature meals typically range between $400 and $1,000 depending on the quality of the chef.

4. Time Fuse: Primitive Meat In A Cheeky Youth Style

Time Fuse: Primitive Meat in the Style of a Cheeky Youth
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The series’ protagonist Soma Yukihira made it his signature dish and he used it in the fifth fight of the Regiment de Cuisine. It sounds like the meat associated with the Stone Age, but Soma infused some of his best dishes into the meal to make the best appetizer he’s had yet. It infuses beef slices, bacon, marinade, yakiniku sauce, honey, grated onions and orange juice.

3. The Real Dish: delinquent girl style

The Real Dish: delinquent girl style
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The meal prepared by Erina Nakiri, with the help of Soma Yukihira, to fight and ultimately win against Central at the Régiment de Cuisine was a French-Japanese main course. It is prepared from an unexpected culmination of snacks, including calamari and peanut butter, to make a very delicious meal. The main ingredients of the meal are: high quality chicken, chopped squid, peanut butter, scrambled eggs, furikake and Nikogori. The term “Le Plat Veritable” translates to “the real plate”.

2. Mille-Feuille Mushroom Stuffed with Duxelles

Mille-Feuille Mushroom Stuffed with Duxelles
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This meal is Rindo Kobayashi’s appetizer specialty and she made it during the Regiment de Cuisine. A mushroom meal based on French cuisine, as this dish is made using the formic acid of ants, combined with the rich, chewy flavors of the mille-feuille. The meal dates back to the time of Napoleon and is still one of the best pastries in France to this day.

1. White Armor Plate: Venison Sauce

White Armor Plate: Deer Sauce
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The final meal prepared by Totsuki Ten chef Eishi Tsukasa, White Armor Plate is French cuisine with roast venison as the main ingredient. The meal is Tsukasa’s specialty, and by using the salt-grinding method, he was able to concentrate the delicate flavors, juices, and blood of the venison to bring out its most delicious form. Due to the beauty of the dish, one of the judges, Anne, was afraid to take a bite of it. When paired with Rindo’s Mille-Feuille, anyone who eats the plate of white armor is taken to Gourmet Eden.

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