The electric spoon shocks you slightly to make food taste more salty

Kirin has designed a spoon and bowl combo that uses low electrical currents to make foods, especially low-sodium options, saltier.

In collaboration with the laboratory of Dr. Homei Miyashita at Meiji University of the Department of Border Media Science of the School of Interdisciplinary Mathematical Sciences, the company developed the “Electric Salt” device, which it says increases by 1, 5 times the perception of the salty taste of food.

The spoon is powered by a switch on the handle and offers four different levels of flavor intensity. The bowl is powered in the same way and the electric current is delivered to the food when the user holds the bowl in his hands.

The company plans to test the Electric Salt devices between September and November 2022 with help from Noruto and Orangepage. If all goes as planned, the devices will be released in Japan in 2023.

Kirin said the relatively high average sodium intake levels among Japanese consumers was the motivation behind the new device. The company assured that its “Electric Taste Sensation” technology does not affect the human body negatively and only changes the taste of food via “pseudo-sensory perception”.

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