The Botanist launches a new cocktail menu inspired by the life cycle of plants

The Botanist, which has a location on West Street, is offering customers a new range of drinks that combine “weird and wonderful” flavors with more familiar tastes.

The bar and restaurant, known for its imaginative creations, developed the menu taking inspiration from the life cycle of plants around the world.

In-house experts have created unique pairings derived from flavors such as beetroot, nasturtium and quince.

Divided into three phases, the menu allows diners to taste the complete life cycle of a plant.

‘Roots and Shoots’ cocktails are herbal and aromatic, infused with flavors found in roots and leaves.

The “Flowers” drinks offer “a balance of bright flowers and fragrant flowers”, while using the “freshest fruits of the season”.

Standout drinks include ‘Passionfruit and Basil’, ‘Rhubarb and Sage Spritz’, ‘Quince and Chilli’ and ‘Jasmine and Passionfruit’.

Many options have been specially crafted with non-alcoholic ingredients such as Lyre’s and Everleaf non-alcoholic spirits and aperitifs, which make up more than a third of the menu.

Kelly Harrison, Head of Bars at The Botanist, said: “Our non-alcoholic offering was designed and created to showcase all the flavors of non-alcoholic liquid.

“Rather than creating great cocktails and then trying to eliminate the alcohol and maintain the flavor profile, which can be a big challenge, we start with a solid recipe for a non-alcoholic drink and then find the perfect alcohol to enhance existing flavors, if the customer wishes.

“Beverages are made alcoholic by adding spirits, rather than the reverse of removing the alcohol and risking losing complexity.

“This is our largest and most complex offering to date.”

The new menu will also see the addition of carefully selected spirits with an unexpected pairing, including ‘Macadamia and Cava’, ‘Recycled Banana and Ginger’ and ‘Japanese Whiskey and Apricot’.

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