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Canberra Workwear is a local business operating out of two stores with a total of seven employees. Photo provided

The Canberra Workwear name “was purchased from the previous owner around 2014”, Lyn McKenzie said.

“We previously operated as Action Sportswear since its inception in 1995. We started as a designer and manufacturer back then, and have now evolved into the well-known and trusted brand of Canberra Workwear.”

Running a very nimble operation, “we are a small local business and operate in two stores with seven employees in total at the moment.

“We are a diverse group of people with skills in retail, graphic design, fashion design, law and hospitality.”

To summarize what they offer, “Our products are extensive and include safety workwear including boots, high visibility clothing for all climates, non-high visibility clothing and other items, eyewear, specific to winter and summer, hydration products, hand protection, head protection and safety at height.

“We also provide non-safety related products, such as in corporate workwear, all items including office wear, scrubs for medical institutions and footwear for those. hospitality such as aprons, chef’s uniforms and shoes for them.

“We also provide sports uniforms for work-related team building days, team wear for various activities, and casual outdoor adventure wear.”

“the future … is interesting because we are moving forward with important innovations”

– – Lyn McKenzie

As for the future of the industry, “the future of our business is exciting as we move forward with significant innovations in footwear and apparel,” Lyn explained.

“Environmental concerns are now at the forefront of many of our manufacturers. With the increasing use of recycled plastics for clothing and technological advances in all footwear applications, the future is truly exciting.”

As for why it’s good to support local businesses, “we advise you to consider your local suppliers when choosing your uniforms.

“We employ in your local community. We support your local community.”

Plus, “we are specialists in our field and can help you select the best product to meet your needs. Remember that old saying: price is forgotten long after quality is forgotten.

“We strive to give our customers our best deals so your uniforms will last and fit. We have the experience and knowledge in our industry and it costs you nothing.”

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