The 6 Best Apps for Cooking Healthy and Nutritious Soup Recipes

When it comes to comfort food, soup is one of the best options out there. Warming, hearty, and (usually) healthy, soup recipes are ideal for both lunch and dinner plans. These apps will help you cook a fresh, healthy batch that you can reheat all week.

1. Very Vegetarian

Based on a series of best-selling vegetarian cookbooks by Lisa Bjärbo and Sara Ask, this charming app features a slew of veggie-filled soup recipes. If you’re trying to get the kids (or yourself) to eat more vegetables, look no further than these recipes. It’s a great choice for anyone who loves vegetarian and vegan apps for culinary inspiration.

Navigate the app’s home screen or access the Look for screen to see all soup recipes. Among the many options are recipes for yellow lentil soup with coconut, spicy peanut soup with noodles, and spinach soup. Each recipe includes bright, colorful photographs and clear instructions. There is even a practical kitchen timer function which you can use while browsing the app.

In addition to soups, the Very Veggie app also offers recipes for salads, pastas and many other delicious dishes. Overall, the app is a useful resource for classic and inventive dishes.

To download: Very Veg for iOS ($2, in-app purchases available)

2. Chef’s Club

If you like playful and fun recipes, the Chefclub app is perfect for you. The videos help explain how to prepare each dish, so there are plenty of tips along the way. With its many child-friendly creations, the Chefclub app is perfect for fans of YouTube cooking channels for kids.

Check out the app’s recipes for winter butternut squash soup (with cheese sticks), exploding soup pockets, spooky ramen crawly, and more fun variations. This app features creative recipes that will wow your guests (or Instagram followers), so it’s a great choice anytime you want to shake things up in the kitchen.

If you are looking for some original soup recipes, then Chefclub is the app for you. The app also includes tons of colorful dessert recipes and fun appetizers, so it’s also a comprehensive recipe resource.

To download: Club leader for iOS | android (Free in-app purchases available)

3. Rumble

Want to test your culinary skills? This chef-centric app features inventive recipes, including soups like Burnt Leek Vichyssoise and Green Gazpacho.

Download the free version of the app to access these recipes and others that include step-by-step instructions, such as Leek Soup, Kimchi Egg Soup, and Pumpkin Cream Soup. The Gronda app works for both home cooks and kitchen professionals, and much of that professional chef element comes through in the recipe selections.

In addition, the recipes themselves are usually clearly described. You can even choose to follow specific chefs for more inspiration. Although the free version of the app includes a lot of content, you can upgrade to the pro version of Gronda for more recipes (such as green olive gazpacho and beetroot consommé with oxtail), as well as Masterclasses. For restaurant-quality soups (and many other meals), the Gronda app delivers.

To download: Rumbles for iOS | android (Free, subscription available)

4. The photo cookbook

Make fresh tomato soup with pasta, tom yum soup or chilled garlic soup using this visual and colorful app. As the name suggests, The Photo Cookbook offers step-by-step instructions with lots of photos to help you through the process.

Tap the recipe you want to prepare, then scroll through the clear photos that illustrate each step of the process. You can even tap on any of the ingredients in the main image to learn more about each one. The tom yum soup recipe, for example, provides additional information on lemongrass and pickled bamboo shoots. This can be especially helpful when creating a healthy meal plan.

The free version of the app offers several recipes to take for a test drive, and you can unlock additional recipes through in-app purchases. If you’re looking for a comprehensive selection of soup recipes (and many other starters), then The Photo Cookbook is a solid choice.

To download: The photo cookbook for iOS (Free in-app purchases available)

5. Tasty Slow Cooker Recipes

Slow cookers and soups go hand in hand, as these great recipes show. Make cheesy potato soup, split pea soup and many more delicious dishes with the help of Tasty Slow Cooker Recipes app.

Whether your slow cooker is a smart kitchen gadget or the standard variety, you can do a lot with the handy machine. Plus, slow cookers can bring out the rich flavors of your soups and they stay hot for as long as needed.

There are a wide variety of soup recipes with this app. The basic Tasty Slow Cooker Recipes app is free; however, you will have to deal with pop-up ads. A premium subscription removes ads and gives you access to more content.

To download: Tasty slow cooker recipes for iOS (Free, subscription available)

6. Japanese Food Recipes

Learn how to make everything from simple miso soup to shoyu ramen with this robust app. The Japanese Food Recipes app has a large collection of sushi, soba and gyoza recipes, in addition to a large library of soup recipes.

Learn how to make miso soup filled with enoki mushrooms or spicy noodle soup. Plus, the app’s intuitive layout and available Favorites folder make it a breeze to use. If you want to up your homemade ramen game or experiment with other tasty soup dishes, the Japanese Food Recipes app is a solid resource.

To download: Japanese food recipes for android (Free, subscription available)

Increase your cooking skills with these recipe apps

Whether you’re craving a classic tomato soup or something more elaborate, these soup recipe apps offer nearly endless options for healthy and hearty meal plans. Also, if you like to use meal planning apps, then a big batch of soup is easy to hand out for future meals. Whatever your dietary preferences, there’s bound to be a delicious soup recipe you’ll love making again and again.

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