Tampa-based food photographer offers tips for foodies taking pictures of their meal

Millions of foodies flock to social media every day to post their latest meal, but a Tampa-based freelance food photographer said many of those photos had one thing in common: room for improvement.

“Sometimes people have to calm me down because there’s going to be somebody at the table next to me getting ready to take a picture, and I want to go up and say ‘Let me show you how to do it better,'” laughed Chip Weiner. .

Weiner’s passion for photography began 30 years ago. When he’s not filming for clients, Weiner reviews and photographs local restaurants for his own website and social media.

“I want people to look at my photos and say, ‘I want to eat this!'” Weiner said.

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Weiner said good photos start with a color palette. One of his tips was to avoid brown foods for photos.

He also said to make sure to get an open table near a window.

“Being next to a big window, this big light source, makes a big difference in food photography,” he said.

Weiner said to dodge the downed helicopter from top to bottom. Knock down to add dimension to photos and fill in the space around the food you’re photographing with other objects on the table.

Also, if you really want to step up your game, try bouncing light back at your subject with a light reflector.

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“A white napkin will work. It’s better than nothing. If the kitchen gives you a piece of aluminum foil, something like that will work,” Weiner said.

Move the camera to capture multiple angles. And finally, take the food out of the polystyrene containers.

He said these simple tips can get you more likes online and help support restaurants in your neighborhood.

“If I can help a restaurant by taking a good photo of food and putting it on the internet and someone sees it and wants to try it, that’s cool! Everyone wins,” Weiner said.

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