Sushmita Sen Calls Biryani Her Soul Food, Reveals What She Cooks Best & More

Sushmita Sen is an actress who never ceases to inspire us. She was crowned Miss Universe in 1994 and has been in the Bollywood industry for 27 years. Professionally, she has made a splash on digital platforms with her web series “Aarya”, which has already seen the release of two seasons and was nominated for the International Emmy Awards this year. Recently, the diva interacted with fans and followers in a live Instagram session. She spoke at length about motivation, love and respect, her favorite foods and what she loves to cook.

Speaking of her favorite food, Sushmita Sen said, “I love Japanese sushi. Big fan.” His daughters Alisah and Renee were also in attendance for the live session, and they added that the three of them were big fans of Sushi.

Additionally, Sen spoke of his love for Biryani and called it his “soul food”. Just like us, the diva is also a big lover of Biryani and she shares a special bond with the Hyderabadi strain, as she revealed during the live session. “I was born in Hyderabad, so it’s just an emotional connection that I have with it. It’s the food of my soul. So when I’m not feeling too happy, that happy food that I go to is Biryani. .I need to smell this Spicy Biryani so I feel like I’m connected to the Hyderabad umbilical cord, “she said.

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Hyderabadi Biryani is a regional specialty and extremely popular around the world.

Another dish that Sushmita Sen has a particular fondness for is chili chicken prepared by her mother. “My mom’s chili chicken is a favorite. I mean you have to taste it to understand how LEGENDARY this chili chicken is. She does it really really well,” she said. Alisah added that even Sushmita Sen was doing quite well when she tried the recipe. “She did it for the first time and it was delicious,” said Alisah.

One of the first dishes Sushmita Sen tried to cook was chili chicken. “I don’t cook. Which means that I cooked this chili chicken for the first time, which I took in detail, step by step – kitni der rakhna hai, aanjh kaisa hona chahiye … itni detail ke saath. And then I did it, “she said. The diva honestly added,” First attempt, the chicken was a little kasha. But then we worked on it and the second try it was done! “

Watch the full video Sushmita Sen shared on Instagram here:

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