Sushi Kitchen takeaway review: A hidden gem in Leeds with a big menu and even bigger portions – Samantha Gildea

Leeds has a strong indie sushi scene – no need to sit and watch the conveyor belt at Yo! Sushi, you are never far from quality Japanese cuisine.

And I’m lucky enough to live near a popular take-out restaurant that brings fresh sushi, udon, katsu and more right to your doorstep.

Sushi Kitchen is the epitome of a hidden gem – tucked away in a small unit on Armley Ridge Road, between Armley and Bramley, alongside other takeaways, a hairdresser, a sandwich shop and an off license . Its signage is bright enough for you to spot it, but unless you were driving down this street, you probably wouldn’t know it was there.

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But there are plenty of happy customers shouting about it online. It has a 4.5 star rating on Google, five stars on Just Eat and 4.5 on TripAdvisor.

Our takeaway feast from Sushi Kitchen, Leeds

Fans have called it “the best sushi in Leeds”, raving about the fresh food and generous portions and even praising the packaging and delivery driver.

Sushi Kitchen has its own app, or you can order through the website, which could help you save on fees for services like Just Eat and Deliveroo.

We decided to give the app a try – and found it to be very well designed and easy to use when scrolling through the rather epic menu.

It is enormous. Excluding drinks, there are 260 dishes to choose from – hot Japanese starters, poke bowls, sashimi, nigiri, hosomaki, sushi rolls, curries, teriyaki, yaki udon, yakisoba – and then there is the Chinese menu, just as copious with usual entries and mains you expect.

Absolutely hungry and slightly overwhelmed by the choice, we decided to try a bit of everything (not literally). We ordered avocado hosomaki, California and avocado uramaki, chicken gyoza, salt and pepper squid, tonkatsu curry, special Sushi Kitchen yaki udon, potato chips salt and pepper and shrimp crackers. And, true to the comments about the generous portions, our feast kept us fed for two days. Results.

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Once the order was placed we received a text warning of a 90 minute wait – not unusual for a Saturday night around 7pm – but we only waited an hour for the food to arrive .

And it was nicely wrapped, I must admit. The neat presentation of the sushi and gyoza, in neat platters with see-through lids, made it tempting right out of the bag, and the main courses came in large bowls, again with see-through lids. It looked colorful and fresh, and smelled amazing.

First, the sushi. The hosomaki and uramaki rolls were huge – I dare you to put a whole uramaki in your mouth. Which would be tempting, because everything is so fresh and delicious.

The rolls hold together even when dipped in soy, with generous chunks of avocado and big chunks of pollock in California uramaki. It tastes like it was made 10 seconds ago, and now I can’t wait to browse the rest of their sushi menu. It’s that good.

Avocado hosomaki, avocado and California uramaki and chicken gyoza from Sushi Kitchen, Leeds
Avocado hosomaki, avocado and California uramaki and chicken gyoza from Sushi Kitchen, Leeds

The chicken gyoza was crispy on the outside, piping hot and filling on the inside, and bursting with flavor – and the accompanying dip was tangy and very indulgent. You could happily bite into it without all the filling falling out or the case collapsing – almost perfect.

But the salt and pepper squid was the star of the hot appetizer show. As many of us know, squid can be overcooked and ruined in seconds – but that was not the case here. The huge pieces of calamari were cooked to perfection, almost buttered and coated in a soft, crispy batter. The fresh peppers, onions and chillies in the box next to the huge portion added a nice kick and although the seasoning wasn’t the strongest we’ve had it was enough for us keep coming back to the box for more.

Salt and pepper calamari and salt and pepper crisps from Sushi Kitchen, Leeds
Salt and pepper calamari and salt and pepper crisps from Sushi Kitchen, Leeds

The main courses were very hot and plentiful. The special yaki udon was filled with chicken, salmon, mussels, and lots of fresh, crunchy vegetables, a sauce that contained some serious umami, and plenty of thick, silky noodles.

The ton katsu sat on a bed of jasmine rice and a rich, tangy curry sauce, filled with chunks of carrots and potatoes, with bright green broccoli on the side. The pork loin, although greasy in places, was crispy and plentiful.

The salt and pepper crisps were very hot, oily and chewy – as with the calamari the seasoning could have been stronger but that’s the worst that can be said about them. As with everything else, the portion was huge.

Curry Ton Katsu from Sushi Kitchen, Leeds
Curry Ton Katsu from Sushi Kitchen, Leeds

The prawn crackers were totally unnecessary considering how much food we had, but, for the review, we squeezed a few and they were crunchy and light.

Portions are so generous here that we basically had enough food left over for the next day – and if you order, one main course will easily feed two.

Sushi Kitchen special yaki udon
Sushi Kitchen special yaki udon

The sturdy packaging made it easy to store our leftover sushi, calamari, entrees and fries for the next day – there’s no doubt this place offers incredible value.

And we were also very impressed with the quality – it’s the freshness and flair of eating in a restaurant delivered to your door. Sometimes places with huge menus can raise an eyebrow – how can you offer so much and maintain the standards – but those fears are unfounded here. I can see why this caused a buzz online.

Needless to say we will be ordering from Sushi Kitchen again – a real hidden gem in West Leeds.

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  • Chicken Gyoza – £5
  • Avocado Hosomaki – £3.20
  • Avocado and California Uramaki – £5.50
  • Tonkatsu curry – £8.50
  • Sushi Kitchen special yaki udon – £8.50
  • Salt and Pepper Calamari – £6
  • Salt and Pepper Crisps – £3.50
  • Prawn Crackers – £2.50
  • Processing fee – £0.50
  • Delivery charge – £1.50
  • Total – £44.70

Sushi Kitchen, 302 Armley Ridge Road, Leeds LS12 2RD

Order online through the website or the app.

Open Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Sunday 5pm-10pm, Friday and Saturday 5pm-11pm, closed Tuesday.

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