Starbucks adds ‘masala chai’ and ‘drip coffee’ to menu in bid to attract more Indian customers

In an effort to attract more customers and satisfy customers with their daily brew in a more localized and affordable way, Starbucks will add regional favorites “masala chai” and “drip coffee” to its menu.

According to sources, the menu also includes street sandwiches, milkshakes, bite-sized snacks and smaller cups to attract more customers by making them more affordable. This new strategy is currently being tested in Starbucks stores in Bengaluru, Gurgaon, Bhopal and Indore.

Among other stores such as Pizza Hut, which added paneer pizzas, McDonald’s, which added “McAloo Tikki Burger”, Starbucks is poised to join the list of global fast food chains by Indianizing their flavors to cater to the tastes of the Indian diaspora.

Starbucks recently launched a new “Picco” format for its beverages to provide smaller, less expensive portioned beverages.

“Some of the food products that we are launching as a starting point in a Starbucks are becoming more affordable and appealing to a larger segment of consumers,” Tata Starbucks CEO Sushant Dash told ET.

“The idea is also to learn, to see consumer acceptance in all markets, to see the nuances, to check and adjust, and then see where it goes,” he added.

Ready to launch in India

Notably, in the past, Starbucks has localized its products to several other countries, namely Saudi Arabia, Japan, and China, among others. The company had adapted local tastes for its expansion into different countries.

In addition, a British snack chain “Pret” in partnership with Reliance will be launched in India this year. Pret will adapt its menu according to local tastes and offer a multitude of options. Notably, Pret’s entry into the drinks and snacks business will be a challenge to compete with Cafe Cofee Day and Costa Coffee, including Starbucks.

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