Seven sausage roll recipes for everyone

Shh, we already know your mom makes the best sausage rolls. Everyone’s mom does. Plus, she still has a secret ingredient (besides love) that she won’t reveal. Spoiler alert: it’s probably barbecue sauce. It’s the secret to 99% of the buns made by mom. Unless you’re Joel Creasey’s mother, in which case it’s… salami.

Now, if you’re ready to expand your sausage repertoire like Joel’s mom, do we have the list for you? Trust us, there’s a lot more going on in all these buns than a splash of tomato sauce. Browse through them and you’ll soon find your new favorite. It’s a national treasure and don’t worry, we won’t tell your mother.

Start with the classic

Puff pastry, check. Sausage meat, check. A pinch of herbs, check. Pickle…um, check. Paul Hollywood sausage rolls proving that when it comes to this classic, there really is no classic.

Add soup?

We’re sure the secret ingredient in many mom’s sausa rolls is ginger and lemongrass. Add a little shrimp paste and you get all the flavor of a tom yum soup in portable pastry form.

Make it a party

You could do the tom yum rolls (see above) for entry then bring these Thai chicken curry rolls for the main. They have the added benefit of being made with gluten-free puff pastry (a handy recipe for all things puff).

throw cheese

When is halloumi and lamb ever not a good combination? Never is when. Mix up a bunch of robust Middle Eastern-inspired spices and the flavor you pack into every parcel of perfect baking is positively commendable.

remove the meat

There will be pedants who will say that you can’t have a “sausage” roll without meat. Who we tell try one.

Go vegan

These walnut, apple and sage rolls will make you and your vegan friends happy. Shhh now, we’ve already proven that you don’t need a sausage to rock a bun. Come back.

Come on super tasty

“What’s the secret to your sausage rolls?” they will ask.

“Oh, just Chinese Five Spice Wax Bean Sauce,” you reply with relish.

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