Restaurants Adding Thanksgiving Items to the Menu

More than 1,900 Thanksgiving items are being added to restaurant menus this holiday season.

Restaurants have welcomed customers this holiday season by adding Thanksgiving items to their menus. SpotOna restaurant software and payment provider, released a list of Thanksgiving meal trends it sees at the independent restaurants and small chains it serves in the United States.

Some of the trends include:

Thanksgiving Menu Items

  • A majority of items were added from October 23-29 and include Thanksgiving Meal Kits from Looking Glass Hospitality, Thanksgiving Dessert Boards and Cookie Decorating Kits from Mr. Streeting Baking Co., and even a Lucius Q’s Thanksgiving leftover kit.
  • Over the past 30 days, SpotOn reported an increase in traditional Thanksgiving Day sides and desserts being added to its restaurant patrons’ menus, including 652 sweet potato items, 421 mashed potato items, 272 yam, 275 pumpkin pie items, 164 pecan pie items, 83 stuffing items, 44 cranberry sauce items, and 24 green bean casserole items.

Business on ‘Drinksgiving’

  • The night before Thanksgiving, also known as “Drinksgiving,” is typically one of the busiest bar nights of the year as shoppers kick off the start of the holiday weekend.
  • Last year, SpotOn reported that its bar and brewery customers had seen their sales increase by 50% on “Drinksgiving” compared to the previous Wednesday.
  • Unsurprisingly, the Wednesday before Thanksgiving was also the busiest Wednesday of 2021 for SpotOn’s pizza customers.

Trends after Turkey Day

  • Once the holiday weekend is over and the leftovers are gone, it seems diners are in the mood for one or more particular types of cuisine. Last year, Japanese, sushi and seafood restaurants saw an 18% surge in business on the Monday after Thanksgiving, welcoming shoppers eager to take a break from hearty holiday meals.

The remaining holidays

  • Holiday menu items, in general, have increased, with more than 500 holiday menu items added in the last 90 days, the highest number of items added the week of October 2. Some of the highlights include a Herbivore Holiday Meal from Pondichieri in Houston, Viewhouse’s Holiday BBQ Plate with various Colorado locations, and Matthew Kenney’s Veg’d Holiday Wellington in Los Angeles.
  • SpotOn also saw an additional 405 Christmas menu items, with the biggest spike added in early October, including The Christmas Mimosas at Famous Toastery, a take n bake Christmas ham from Three Blondes Brewing and Christmas Chile at ABQ Burrito & Burger.
  • As for the season’s favorite flavors, SpotOn found restaurants added: 470 hot chocolate items and 86 hot cocoa items, 410 peppermint items, 148 gingerbread items, 21 eggnog items , 39 candy cane items and 22 mulled wine items so far.

If customers don’t want to cook Thanksgiving dinner at home, now they can go to the restaurant and enjoy a nice holiday meal with the family.

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