Relax with a pet and enjoy great food

Life can be very stressful for many people, prompting them to find different outlets to let off steam or relax. Adopting a pet is one of the most effective ways to alleviate everyday stress. Tens of thousands of Filipinos invest in cats, dogs, birds, etc. because they provide a sense of comfort and companionship that is sometimes hard to find.

However, not everyone is willing to take care of pets, but still wants to feel the joy they bring. Maria Cedilla, an entrepreneur and pet lover, used this inspiration to open a pet cafe with interactive pets where customers can enjoy great food and bond with their furry companions in the world. restaurant.

The Playpen, with its interactive and nature hip-hop vibe, is a pet cafe where patrons can enjoy great food and bond with their furry companions.

She dubbed the safe space The Playpen.

“It’s a place where people, dogs, cats can come together to bond, eat and play together,” she said.

The location was originally in Makati, but the area was not pet friendly, forcing Cedilla to move the restaurant to Madison Square, San Juan City, as the city is very pet friendly.

Upon entering the restaurant, a friendly Japanese Spitz named Kobe rose from his cage to lick people’s hands in greeting.

Once inside, a Pomeranian named Rose approaches and asks the guests to carry her. She is accompanied by an army of cats and three lovebirds in a cage, all wanting attention.

The restaurant has a nature mixed with an interactive hip-hop feel as diners sit on the floor on faux grass rugs and pillows, allowing them to interact with the roaming animals, which makes for a very interesting dining experience.

Maria Cedilla, an entrepreneur and animal lover who owns The Playpen.

Customers can even bring their pets to interact with the animals inside the cafe. There is also a menu allowing owners to choose food for their pets.

In the meantime, the menu suitable for human consumption contains rice dishes, steaks, burgers, chicken wings and even Korean food to appeal to a wider audience and follow the growing trend of K- pop in the Philippines. The restaurant initially followed an Italian concept, serving only pasta and coffee. But since moving to San Juan, he’s expanded his menu.

Playpen’s head chef, Hanna Mananquil, served two of the restaurant’s specialties during my visit to the restaurant. The first was the pork bibimbap served with kimchi, fried egg, carrots, cabbage, hot rice topped with Korean BBQ sauce, and pork cooked samgyup style.

This friendly Japanese Spitz named Kobe would rise from his cage to lick people’s hands in greeting as they entered the park.

The pork bibimbap rice was perfectly cooked, the flavors of the meat and vegetables blending well, making it a hearty meal.

Next is the Honey Garlic Fried Chicken Wings, which can be unlimited. The wings were juicy and cooked to perfection, and the marinade was perfect as the flavors soaked into the flesh, giving it a new depth of flavor.

Customers don’t have to worry about their budget when going to a restaurant because their food prices are reasonable.

Customer-approved pork bibimbap served with kimchi, fried egg, carrots, cabbage, hot rice topped with Korean BBQ sauce, and samgyup-style cooked pork.

So far, people who have been to the restaurant or ordered through foodpanda delivery have given positive feedback through their Facebook page and want to order again soon.

Cedilla plans to expand other branches of the establishment.

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