Redditors share their favorite food fusion mixes

Speaking of fusion cuisine, one Reddit user asked others to name their favorite ingredient in fusion dishes and wrote that they love using Japanese yam to thicken dishes and love adding rice vinegar to dishes that needed a little acidity. The top rated reviewer vouched for the Better than Bouillon base which claims to enhance the flavors of a dish and is available in several variations such as lobster, turkey, ham, fish, garlic and chilli pepper. The Redditor explained that they almost always add the garlic base to North Indian and Mediterranean dishes while they prefer to use the lobster base for Thai curries.

Another Redditor upvoted Korean Mexican fusion food and said they often make refried beans with ingredients like kimchi for breakfast. Oyster sauce was a favorite ingredient of one reviewer who said he used the sauce to increase the “meat” in many dishes. Meanwhile, someone else shared a funny anecdote and wrote: “In my family we ran out of buttermilk for pancakes and we thought we could add dairy, and we put in mascarpone, yoghurt and milk. Somehow our pancakes kept the mascarpone filling in the middle and they were very tasty, enough to warrant us making it again. »

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