Ready to try “Chicken Tikka Crypto Samosa”? This viral menu is the “Bengaluru peak”

The Bitcoin pseudonym Onion Patti Samosa is on the menu. (Image: Shutterstock)

The menu at a Bengaluru restaurant, which offers cryptocurrency-inspired dishes, has gone viral.

  • Last update:December 15, 2021, 5:47 PM IST

Bengaluru is known for its IT hubs and it’s no wonder the techy spirit has rubbed shoulders with other industries, including food. A Bengaluru restaurant menu, shared by one user on Twitter, gained attention because of the names of the dishes fashioned after the cryptocurrency. The image shows that the menu of “Crypto Chai by Woosh” contains items such as “Bitcoin Nickname Onion Patti Samosa”, “Blockchain Ledger Punjabi Samosa”, “Hard Fork Paneer Tikka Samosa” and “Chicken Tikka Crypto Samosa”. The creative names of the articles amused Internet users, with some commenting that it is “Bengaluru peak”. Here is the tweet:

“Is Bangalore okay?” “

A few have suggested that the restaurant accept cryptocurrency as a form of payment.

“It would only be acceptable if they accepted crypto as a form of payment.”

Others pointed out that food prices were quite high.

“Recognizing that their prices don’t match their names.”

“since when the samosa costs 89 rupees.”

In a recent incident involving a restaurant menu, a customer ended up paying Rs 45,000 at a Gordon Ramsay restaurant after misreading the menu. A couple, who went to dinner in New Jersey, USA, tried a new dish without bothering to read the rate card correctly. When the bill came it almost gave them a heart attack. Jeffrey Paige had ordered top notch Japanese beef from Kobe after misreading the price. He expected Kobe to be just $ 35 (2,500 rupees) for 4 ounces. Thinking the Japanese Kobe 5A was cheaper than the American Wagyu, he ordered 12 ounces. However, he soon realized his mistake when he received an invoice for $ 600 or Rs. 45,000. This incident happened at a restaurant called Gordon Ramsay Steak, located at the Atlantic City Hotel and Casino.

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