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International gourmet delights at new gourmet restaurants in Saudi Arabia

ALKHOBAR: They say all good things come in threes, and Alkhobar has triple the options to offer foodies an elegant dining experience while enjoying the sunset from the Corniche this Ramadan.

After nearly three years since the start of the lockdown, these clusters of beachfront restaurants opened on the first day of Saudi Arabia’s founding, aiming to transport diners to three destinations confined to the Al-Matal complex : France on the ground floor, Japan on the second. and Greece on the third.

Following the successful launch of these three remarkable restaurants in February, the charismatic Chef Marios George and the Cavadore Group offer tantalizing options with their refined hospitality for the holy month of Ramadan. In partnership with Abdul Aziz Al-Moajil, his brother Saad and their father Mohammed Saad, Vice President of Al-Moajil Group, they have created another reason for the world to visit Alkhobar.

I kept in mind that these restaurants are in Saudi Arabia, and we have a few rules that we have to follow, so I tried to take inspiration from the country each restaurant was from, while keeping in mind mind the modesty and cultural sensitivities of my own country, where these restaurants are now located.

Haifa Al-SudairiFashion designer

Be transported to the streets of Paris this Ramadan, with an elegant French-style iftar at the Belgravian Brasserie du Maghreb until 1am daily. Menus include everything from French toast to roast chicken. For those who don’t fast, the Belgravian Brasserie offers afternoon tea from 2-5pm on weekdays in a secluded space designed with discretion in mind. They also offer pre-order curated Ramadan gift baskets such as an elegant basket with an array of freshly baked cakes, artisan chocolates, chocolate dipped dates, pastel colored macaroons and sparkling tea, considered the best “non-high-end”. alcoholic product” on the market today.

Haifa Al-Sudairi,
Fashion designer

Break bread in Hellenika from sunset until 8 p.m. The iftar menu is served on the family-style table, with pass-through platters, featuring a tantalizing selection of Greek and Middle Eastern dishes, including traditional dips, refreshing crunchy salads and grilled meats hot. . Between 9:30 p.m. and 1:30 a.m., Hellenika organizes a convivial sahoor, offering an a la carte menu of popular Greek dishes and traditional live music that will capture the spirit of the season. The restaurant is inspired by the Greek islands and the Aegean Sea.

The Cavadore Group’s famous Japanese restaurant, Nozomi, offers an enchanting Ramadan retreat, decorated with lanterns, candles and flower arrangements that honor this holy month. Open only for sahoor, the restaurant offers gourmets the opportunity to sample mouth-watering dishes from 9:30 p.m. to 2:30 a.m. Nozomi was chosen because of this generation’s love for the structured style of Japanese cuisine.

All restaurants are considered to be at the higher end of price. They also have rooms for private events, which have been popular with Aramco employees and dependents and for birthday parties.

“I went to Arabia in 2011, and saw how passionate everyone was and thought, let’s put a restaurant here,” chef George told Arab News. “I’m a big believer in ‘Build it and they will come.’ I believe Alkhobar is a very important city. You have huge industries there. You have fabulous big families.

George said he was impressed with the “sophisticated palace” of Alkhobar, as it is adjacent to Bahrain with its many fine restaurants and only a short drive from Riyadh. Until these restaurants opened, foodies had to travel to other places to get their fix. Now it’s in their backyard.

“In Saudi Arabia, we can do great things. In London, we have to do things in smaller places; 600 square meters in London is considered a big restaurant, isn’t it? Here we have built three restaurants of 1,200 square meters each. This sets a pattern for the region. It’s not just a question of money. If it makes a statement, we bring something that adds to the culture, which is the richness of the region,” George said.

Long before the restaurant design work began, the company strategically set up the infrastructure by first creating a company to import certain products, such as olive oil from an olive oil plantation. olive in Greece, which has been listed as #1. 1 olive oil in the world for five years. This has allowed them to be in a strong position to provide continuity of experience and quality control so that customers can enjoy consistent excellence on the plate every time they visit.

Then they create an academy based in Alkhobar to train Saudis, especially women, who want to work in the restaurant industry. They will offer support and resources to enable enthusiastic Saudis in the region to acquire the necessary skills.

“We will soon open in Riyadh. But my father mentioned that if I wanted to start a business, I should start in Eastern Province because we live here. We love the city and we love the people. So we have to add to our city before adding to other cities in Saudi Arabia,” Abdul Aziz told Arab News.

“As managing director and CEO, this wouldn’t have been possible without the support of my father and my brother, Saad. They believe in my goal – it’s a kind of family community,” he said. declared.

In keeping with Alkhobar’s roots, all of the elegant clothes worn by the ladies at the reception were designed by local fashion designer Haifa Al-Sudairi.

“When I started designing, I asked the owners to send in their renders, colorings – everything from A to Z. I kept in mind that these restaurants are in Saudi Arabia, and we have a few rules we have to abide by, so I tried to take inspiration from the country where each restaurant was from, while keeping in mind the modesty and cultural sensitivities of my own country, where those restaurants are now located. am so honored to have designed the reception wear for these wonderful restaurants and so proud that we have such offerings in our beloved city of Alkhobar,” said Al-Sudairi.

In keeping with the theme of family and community building, the organizers are hosting a monthly tea party where they will invite a notable local woman to be interviewed. Al-Sudairi will be the first woman in this series of talks when they launch after Eid.

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