Prime Seafood Palace: Savor great food in its stunning minimalist interiors

Do you crave seafood? How about juicy steaks and fresh vegetables? If the answer is yes to both questions and you are traveling to the city of Toronto in Ontario, Canada, be sure to drop by Prime Seafood Palace. Not only will you be able to enjoy great food and drink, but the restaurant itself is an architectural beauty.

At first glance, it’s not immediately obvious that this square, white-fronted building houses a stunning interior. Before being renovated to look like it is today, the structure was a simple red brick barn. Now Prime Seafood Palace looks like an upscale establishment that will leave a lasting impression.

According to owner Matty Matheson, he deliberately chose architect Omar Gandhi even though he doesn’t specialize in restaurants. After six years of meticulous planning and design of nearly every aspect of Prime Seafood Palace, the results are nothing short of remarkable.

You can glimpse a discreet mix of Japanese, Scandinavian and maritime influences. What adds to its inviting environment is the predominant use of leather, brass and wood. These materials combine to give the joint a unique warm pattern that guests will love. Over time these will also develop a natural patina.

Those who visit are not only for a gastronomic treat, but also a visual one. From the entrance, what welcomes you is a huge vaulted ceiling in maple wood slats. With the possible exception of the varnish, everything from seats, tables, walls and floors retains the natural look of wood. Horizontal maple elements and horizontal brass screens diffuse the light to further enhance the atmosphere inside the Prime Seafood Palace.

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