Pizza, sushi, strawberry dishes on the menu at Shimane


YASUGI, Shimane Prefecture—A restaurant specializing in high-end “kaiseki” multi-course meals uses strawberries in pizzas, spring rolls, sushi rice and other dishes to entertain diners with seasonal fruits.

Jun Ikeda, 55, owner of Sadakuro in the Minami-Tokamicho district, has been offering quirky strawberry-themed dishes every year since 2014.

The Ichigo Kaiseki, priced at 5,830 yen ($49), comes with a pot cooked with mashed strawberries to add sweetness to the “dashi” broth, a grilled side dish with picked strawberries sandwiched between slices of “aigamo” duck loin and strawberry jelly with grated radish for dessert.

A new offering this year is a take-out strawberry pizza, priced at 980 yen.

Instead of tomato sauce, the pizza is cooked with strawberries reduced in sauce, with raw strawberries placed on top.

The restaurant recommends adding wasabi for a spicy flavor.

Attendees at a tasting on Feb. 17 said they were surprised by the flavorful food combinations and fascinated by the images of red strawberries featured in each dish.

They took pictures of the plates with their smartphones.

In Yasugi, 67 strawberry growers ship a total of about 145 tons between November and May.

Sadakuro serves strawberry-themed dishes until early May.

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