Paradise Dynasty adds to the SCP menu

Has it really been a year since Paradise Dynasty opened its doors to South Coast Squarein the Bloomingdale’s‘s wing of the mall?

The fact that the restaurant was launched in the midst of a pandemic says a lot about the founder Eldwin Chuabelieves in its cuisine and its concept. But then, it has nearly 50 successful restaurants in Asia, so it’s no surprise that Paradise Dynasty has not only survived, but thrived.

South Coast Plaza is the first location in the United States for the popular noodle and xiao long bao (a steamed bun or dumpling) restaurant, but likely not the last.

Chua told the Business Journal last year that he was looking for iconic locations, and South Coast Plaza topped his list.

“No. 1 in sales for malls in the US, highest traffic, sales volume, that’s what we were looking for. We could go somewhere else, but it wouldn’t be iconic,” Chua said.

Iconic also describes the Paradise Dynasty Macaron Balls, the signature menu item that is a must-try. Chua created them in 2008. He says they are the world’s first macaron balls in terms of color and flavor.

East meets West

As for the decor, Chua summed it up nicely: “The overall look is modern and contemporary first and foremost with oriental touches, not Chinese-style decor. It’s East meets West. It’s cozy and the menu is basically Chinese comfort food. We have the highest quality variety of dim sum available. We seek to provide an enjoyable dining experience in terms of comfort, food quality and service.

Chua has indeed kept its promises on all points, including its Shrimp Ramen restaurant located on the ground floor of the Paradise Dynasty.

“We are the first in the United States to have ramen with shrimp broth. The technique we use is complicated but produces a full, rich, smoky and creamy shrimp broth. We wanted a competitive advantage that no one else has. It is inspired by Japanese ramen, steeped in Chinese technique.

The OCBJ magazine

The eight flavor rainbow xiao long bao to Paradise Dynasty includes cheese, crab roe, foie gras, garlic, chicken liver pate, black truffle, Szechuan, and the original filled with Kurobuta pork.

It was the first dish I tasted at the restaurant last year for their first anniversary.
This is a dish that I could easily eat every day. The dumplings themselves are thick enough to hold their ingredients, but thin enough to put it all in your mouth all at once to savor the flavors that shoot out of the dumpling. I loved the variety of flavors, each more interesting than the other.

Next up is the Singapore Chilli Crab xiao long bao, only available until the end of October unless they somehow find their way onto the menu. Chili Crab is widely considered Singapore’s national dish, and Paradise Dynasty offers it in the form of soup dumplings. This is another must have, especially since it is a limited time item.

This is followed by steamed vegetable dumplings, followed by a refreshing cold dish of white shimeji mushrooms drizzled with a spicy garlic dressing. As a mushroom fan, this is one of the best mushroom dishes I’ve had, especially served chilled.

Then came a dish that made my taste buds swoon: crispy fried shrimp drizzled with mayonnaise and walnuts. Simple, but the flavors lingered on my palate like a summer sunset.

The black pepper angus beef sautéed with basil was a treat, as was the crispy pork chop fried rice.

Paradise now has a liquor license, so I got to try two cocktails: a Singapore Sling and a Pear Mule Paradise, both refreshing.

If you like shrimp (like me), you will also like Shrimp Ramen. I had the Le Signature Trio Shrimp Ramen with handmade ebiko shrimp paste, succulent shrimp dumplings and large fresh shrimp, served with shrimp broth and noodles.

Paradise Dynasty at South Coast Plaza in Bloomingdale’s: 3333 S. Bristol St., Costa Mesa, (714) 617-4630,

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