Pandemic food benefits now available to nearly 3.5 million Texans

Although it’s hard to believe, COVID-19 relief efforts are still underway in the state of Texas. It also seems like it’s been longer than before, but many are still recovering from the effects of the disease on their livelihoods. Fortunately, several benefits are available, and this one helps families in Texas.

Relief announced for families in the state

According to a statement from Texas Governor Greg Abbott, the US Department of Agriculture has given approval to the Texas Health and Human Services Commission for another round of food-related benefits in the state. The relief is for those who have lost their ability to participate in federally funded summer meal programs due to illness.

HHSC has received approval to make $1.4 billion available to many children in the state. 3.5 million students in the state are eligible for relief. The benefit is unique, with $391 available per child.

Eligibility for the benefits in question

For a student to qualify for the aid, the press release says the child must have certification for reduced or free meals under the National School Meals Program at their school in the state. This only applies during the 2021-2022 school year.

If there are people who have not received SNAP benefits or the previously mentioned Electronic Pandemic Benefit Transfer, they will receive a code in the mail beginning this month. Individuals will have 90 days to claim.

For others concerned about the previously mentioned SNAP benefits, information on these can be found here.

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