Oolong tea lattes have a place on the Starbucks Japan menu, but do they also have a place in our hearts?

Taste them new member of the tea latte range.

It has been many years since matcha lattes became a staple on the Starbucks menu in Japan. But just like there are all kinds of different coffee beans, there are also all kinds of tea leaves, and Starbucks recently expanded its latte list to include oolong tea lattes too much!

We sent our Japanese-speaking reporter Yuko Sawano to try one for herself, and she wasn’t sure what to expect. While green tea has proven itself as a capable latte partner, oolong tea has more floral and herbal notes in its base flavor, which might make the introduction of steamed milk and of sweetness a little too hard to cram into a single cup.

But before the taste test came the smell test, and Yuko felt much more confident about the flavor, since the aroma riding the rising vapor was a unique blend of tantalizing sweetness and crisp, refreshing tea elements.

Taking a sip, Yuko was happy to discover the Teavana Zen Clouds Oolong Tea Latte (to use his full name) tastes even better than it smells. Most Starbucks tea lattes are particularly sweet, but the oolong latte is less sweet, more mature and deliciously balanced. The milk softens the bitterness that the oolong would have on its own, but there isn’t enough creaminess to leave a lingering creaminess, and each sip comes to a clean, smooth finish.

As she continued to drink, Yuko had another pleasant surprise.. Since the tea bag is left in the cup, over time more of the tea will seep into the milk, giving it a more robust flavor and preventing your taste buds from becoming desensitized.

Starbucks oolong tea latte prices start at 440 yen (US$3.80) for a short, and really the only downside to the drink Yuko could think of is that it might lack a bit of sweetness for those who are used to more saccharin. latte tea. This is an easy problem to solve by asking for extra syrup when ordering. The Starbucks staff at the Yuko branch also had other customizations to recommend, like swapping out almond milk or making it a short latte using a 50:50 ratio of steamed milk and cream, so she is now considering having at least three more oolong lattes to see which she prefers.

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