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Many Southeast Texans know Tokyo Japanese Steak House and Sushi Bar.

The Port Arthur location near Central Mall has been open since 2010, and although the restaurant has two locations in Beaumont, one of the restaurant’s most popular menu items was created in Port Arthur.

One day, manager Quentin Savoie and the bar manager were trying to come up with a new recipe to quench their hunger.

“We created the Q&A Roll,” Savoie said. “We were hungry one day. It is very good. It has lots of flavors and it’s a roll filler. It features shrimp, spicy crab, avocado, seared albacore tuna, habanero tobiko, green onions, and ponzu sauce with garlic and mayo. We were just here and we were talking. We were hungry but not for anything on the menu as we had it every day.

The Port Arthur location is one of three located in southeast Texas. (Chris Moore/The News)

He said they told a few people in the bar about the invention.

“We started getting calls from other sites about customers asking for this roller,” Savoie said. “Eventually they put it on the menu because it was so ordered.”

Savoie said the crunch roles continue to be one of the restaurant’s best sellers.

“It’s very popular with people new to sushi,” he said. “Everything is cooked with fried shrimp and crabmeat. For the grill, chicken and teriyaki steaks are a hit. The hibachi experience is cool. For people who have never seen it before, you can cook your meal in front of you.

The restaurant offers a plethora of grilled dishes and sushi. (Chris Moore/The News)

The manager said the hibachi grill makes the dining experience unique to most restaurants.

“We have a huge menu,” he said. “What’s unique is the dining experience, because you can interact with your chef. You can see how they cook the food and get a little show too.

Savoie said the menu doesn’t change much to ensure consistency for her customers.

The restaurant offers hibachi grills, which allows people to interact with their chefs while the food is being prepared. (Chris Moore/The News)

“We do seasonal promotions,” he said. “It doesn’t change too often. One of the rolls ordered throughout the year is the Christmas tree roll. It contains chicken, crab, avocado, hot sauce and eel sauce. As long as we have the equipment, we can make rolls that are not on the menu. We just need to know what you want in it.

The manager said he would like to go back to providing a spring menu, which the location hasn’t done in recent years.

“I wish it would come back,” he said. “It has mangoes and grapefruit in it and that’s something we don’t get very often.”

Visit tokyosteakhousesushibar.com or call 409-729-0641 for more information.

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