On the menu at Clio, the new restaurant and lounge reserved for Charles Khabouth members on King West


On the menu at Clio, the new restaurant and lounge reserved for Charles Khabouth members on King West

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Name: Clio
Contact: 600 King Street West, 416-368-8448, cliotoronto.com, @cliotoronto
District: King West
The owners: Charles Khabouth, Danny Soberano, Fernando Mammoliti and Domenic Oppedisano
Chief: Michael parubocki
Previously: The speech club
Seats: 90
Accessibility: Fully accessible

The food

On the fourth floor of this chic members-only social club is a full-fledged restaurant with an internationally inspired menu. The guiding theme is high but affordable fare: think creamy carbonara wearing a Parmesan tile hat, seared cauliflower in homemade vadouvan oil, and immaculately fried seafood sprinkled with powdered seaweed. Earth. Careful supply is a matter of course – the restaurant works closely with 100km Food. Clio is currently open for lunch, dinner and Sunday brunch. Coming soon: Sunday roasts.

For this dish, the cauliflower is brined for 24 hours, a process that makes it tender and well-seasoned, before being seared over cast iron and placed over crisp vadouvan and spicy herbal tahini. It’s topped with crispy shallots, pomegranate seeds, toasted nuggets, and mint and parsley leaves. $ 19.
The fritto misto is the triumph of careful cooking: each piece of scallop, squid and shrimp is breaded with pretzel and panko and fried to an optimal state of cooking (there is no piece of rubbery squid in sight). It’s finished with spicy tomato and chili jam, pickled fennel, jalapeño, miso aioli, and aonori (dried seaweed powder). $ 22.
Assembly of flat bread with truffles.
For the flatbread, the dough fermented 24 hours a day is topped with truffle bechamel, fior di latte and a mixture of mushrooms (roasted shiitake, oysters, royal oysters, creminis). It’s cooked and finished with arugula mixed with a truffle vinaigrette, black truffle shavings, rosemary cream and a healthy grated Parmigiano Reggiano. $ 26.
Round eye Australian Wagyu beef is rolled in togarashi and lightly seared before being sliced ​​to a razor’s edge. It is served with chive oil, enoki tempura mushrooms, togarashi spiced pine nuts, pecorino shavings, marinated shallots and brown butter brioche bread crumbs. $ 26.
A stellar version of the ubiquitous Hamachi crudo. The soft, creamy fish is all the talk here, set on a creamy dressing of Japanese sesame paste and rice vinegar. It’s finished with a light yuzu and soy vinaigrette, pickled bosc pear, puffed rice crisps, aonori powder, and what this cuisine calls “sexy green onions” (that is, say green onions chopped so finely that they look like fennel leaves). $ 24.
Put the finishing touch on the creamy carbonara.
Crispy guanciale and red onion lend earthy richness and sweetness to the ultra-classic favorite. All topped with a pretty Parmesan tile hat. $ 24.
Here we have a roasted whole branzino, carefully boned. Grilled shallots and fregola sarda cooked with butter and sweet San Marzano tomatoes make up the base of the plate. There’s a soy sauce, honey, rice and chili vinegars, a pinch of dried capers, crispy garlic, and a sweet roasted lemon to squeeze out of the lot. $ 44.
Chef Michael Parubocki (left) and co-owner Charles Khabouth.
The drinks

There’s a tight menu of playful cocktails ranging from refreshing to invigorating, a 200-label international wine list featuring traditional and modern varietals and spirits.

The deep hue of desert rose comes down to butterfly pea powder. Mezcal sombra, tequila Cazadores, Cointreau, yuzu syrup, grapefruit bitters and scotch bonnet paste form a smoky and hypnotic mixture. It’s lined with Tajin and finished with – what else – a rose. $ 18.
Here we have the Black Swan: Clio’s version of a classic espresso martini. The Gray Goose and Jagermeister cold infusion forms the basis; Patron XO Café and Malagasy chocolate bitters give it depth. $ 19.
The tartlet is like adult chewing gum in a glass, and we mean it in the best possible way. Rose liqueur and syrup, Kettle One vodka, marrakech lemon bitters and Aperol are finished with grapefruit soda and garnished with a marigold. $ 18.
The bartender told us that Love Potion no. 3 is a powerful aphrodisiac. We will reserve our judgment on this point, but at the very least, it’s a sweet and tangy delight made with passion fruit puree, white Bacardi, Saint-Germain, lime and hibiscus syrup. . All complemented by sparkling prosecco. $ 18.

The room has the opulence of an exclusive establishment, combined with the sensuality of a sweatshop. A comfortable cabin and salon-style seating wrap around a sleek marble bar, tiered chandeliers light up the dining area, and there’s a wall lined with playful pop art and mirrors. It’s elegant, but not in a strict way. In addition, there is a DJ most evenings of the week.

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