NYC’s 63 Clinton Creates a New Kind of American Tasting Menu


“When people ask us what kind of food [we serve], we just say ‘Modern American’ or ‘New American’ but I think overall this is a New York style menu, ”explains 63 Clinton co-owner Raymond Trinh. “There are things from all over the world and all over the country, and for me, it’s very New York. It is the most diverse city I have ever lived or lived in.

Diners at 63 Clinton can experience a tasting menu filled with ingredients, taste influences and cooking techniques from Japan to France to Arizona – where Trinh and chef, co-owner and friend Samuel come from. Clonts – and beyond. For example, the first course on the tasting menu is Clonts and Trinh’s version of the classic breakfast taco, a nod to a dish they often ate growing up. 63 Clinton’s version features a homemade toasted flour tortilla, topped with a slice of ajitama-seasoned egg, salsa verde, a fried hash brown and a dollop of trout roe.

“We have been cooking in restaurants for a long time, we prepare other people’s food …”, explains Clonts. “But we never really told our story or our background, and we were able to bring it to the menu.”

“I think that’s why the breakfast taco is so important to us,” Trinh adds. “It kind of offers a bit of our past. “

Watch the full video to see how the two cook up an Alaska baked in a pizza oven and incorporate Japanese influences like caviar tamaki and a homemade tofu dish.

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