Nutrimuscle reveals TikTok’s most popular recipes of 2022, from feta pasta to pizza toast

ICT Tac is where the wackiest trends and some of the tastiest recipes begin.

The Nutrimuscle supplement brand has compiled a list of the most popular dishes to take the video app by storm, from Feta pasta to salmon bowls.

Not only has the French supplement company researched viral meals to find out which ones we can’t get enough of, but it also researched how really good these dishes are for us too.

The brand enlisted their in-house dietitian to watch the videos and rate each one out of 10 on nutritional value, ranking them from healthiest to unhealthiest.

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“The rise of food trends on social media such as ‘FoodTok’ has encouraged younger generations to get into the kitchen and learn how to cook meals from scratch, which is much healthier than relying on dishes. convenience foods and fast food,” says Alex Parren, Certified Nutritionist. , and personal trainer.

Alex added: “It’s an easy and convenient way to find new recipes and for many young people the visual aid of seeing how a dish is made and what it should look like increases their chances of long-term success. Not only that, but the most viral food trends are also those that use simple and accessible ingredients, which can be vital in the current cost of living crisis.

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Most popular TikTok recipes for 2022

  1. Feta Pasta – 1,100,000,000 Views
  2. Pasta Chips – 1,100,000,000 views
  3. Avocado toast – 839,000,000 views
  4. Mug Cake – 710,900,000 views
  5. Overnight Oats – 705,800,000 views
  6. Eggs with pesto – 265,600,000 views
  7. Salmon bowl – 184,300,000 views
  8. Boil the eggs – 129,800,000 views
  9. Pizza Toast – 125,900,000 Views
  10. TikTok Ramen – 91,600,000 Views

These mouth-watering recipes may have taken over the internet, but that doesn’t necessarily mean they’re good for you!

You can view the 50 most popular dishes in the app via the Nutrimuscle website.

From this list, Nutrimuscle went one step further and, with the help of certified nutritionist Alex Parren, ranked the meals according to their health status.

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The most popular TikTok recipes of 2022 ranked according to their health status

1. Nature’s Cereals

Rating: 10/10

Views on TikTok: 68,400,000

Rich in fiber and vitamin C, the healthy cereal recipe includes blueberries, blackberries, pomegranates and coconut water.

While pop star Lizzo made her own Nature’s cereal with berries, ice cubes and coconut water, the original recipe came from TikToker Sherwayne Mears (@natures_food)

2. Overnight oats

Rating: 9/10

Views: 705,800,000

In second place, overnight oats was the fifth most popular food hashtag and it’s not hard to see why.

There’s plenty of room to customize the oats while enjoying a healthy meal full of flavor and fiber.

Perfect for a pre-workout meal, they’re associated with lowering cholesterol, insulin response as well as increasing the number of “good” bacteria in your gut, according to Nutrimuscle.

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3. Eggs with pesto

Rating: 9/10

Views: 265,600,000

After this delicious egg pesto recipe went viral, pesto sales in a UK supermarket increased by 108%.

A natural breakfast dish, eggs are also an ideal post-workout snack with an excellent source of protein as well as several vitamins and minerals.

Nutrimuscle also recommend the dish for those on a Keto or low carb diet.

4. Ricotta toast

Rating: 9/10

Views: 34,400,000

You’ve heard of avocado toast, but have you ever replaced it with ricotta?

Ricotta is a rich source of protein and makes the perfect serve on a slice of sourdough, topped with fresh greens, a balsamic glaze and roasted tomatoes.

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5. Carrot Salad

Rating: 9/10

Views: 6,400,000

Carrot salad couldn’t be easier to make since all you need is a vegetable peeler and a handful of ingredients.

Nutrimuscle says the fresh, vibrant dish is packed with potassium, antioxidants, vitamin A and beta-carotene.

6. Chocolate baked oats

Rating: 9/10

Views: 6,100,000

If you’re looking for a hearty, healthy dish that you can make ahead, chocolate oatmeal is the way to go.

All you have to do is mix oatmeal, eggs, milk (dairy or non-dairy, your choice) and baking soda with your chosen flavorings and protein powder, then cook in a mold for seven to ten minutes.

7. Taco wraps

Rating: 9/10

Views: 4,600,000

In theory, taco wraps are simple and even healthy to make (depending on the toppings you choose!).

Simply cut a slit in the middle of the tortilla and fill each quarter with your favorite ingredients before folding each triangle quarter over itself.

Once you have layered the wrap, toast it and Nutrimuscle says it’s the perfect after-workout meal.

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8. Feta Pasta

Rating: 8/10

Views: 1,100,000,000

All you need to make TikTok’s most popular meal is cherry tomatoes, olive oil, chilli, a whole block of feta cheese, fresh basil, garlic, salt, pepper and pasta of your choice.

The most nutritious part of the dish is the tomato which provides vitamins C and K, potassium and the antioxidant lycopene which is linked to a reduced risk of heart disease and cancer, according to Nutrimuscle.

9. Potato chips

Rating: 8/10

Views: 1,100,000,000

The second most popular dish after feta pasta, pasta chips are one of the latest tasty trends to cause an app frenzy.

The dish features cooked pasta tossed in olive oil, Parmesan, and spices, then air-fried until crispy.

Ranked in ninth place based on health, Nutrimuscle recommend it as a pre-workout snack.

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10. Bowl of salmon

Rating: 8/10

Views: 184,300,000

Use your leftover rice and salmon in this viral recipe, served with Japanese mayonnaise, soy sauce, diced avocado and roasted seaweed sheets.

The meal has a lot of nutritional value, ranging from a macronutrient mix of high-quality protein (salmon) and healthy fats (avocado) to the nutrient-dense carbohydrates found in rice.

You can see the rest of the recipes via the Nutrimuscle website or find out how you can get inspired by by purchasing its Nutrition range.

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