North Vancouver’s Winston Launches New Spring Menu and Natural Wines

Lower Lonsdale’s beloved restaurant Winston steps ahead and introduces an all-new menu featuring inventive, carefully crafted dishes and natural, low-intervention wines from backyard BC and beyond available for dinner service starting this Wednesday March 2.

Offered Wednesday to Saturday from 5 p.m., Executive Chef by Douglas Lee The new dinner menu provides a new showcase for his culinary philosophy of creating seasonal dishes that blend rare and unique ingredients with global flavors and inspiration. The new dishes are available à la carte and as part of a ‘Roulette dinner‘ Tasting menu option for $50 per person plus tax and includes the following:


  • House-smoked and fermented chili oil (not sweet at all) 4
  • Zaklan Purple Ninja Hulk Radish Pickles (GF, VE) 5
  • Bowl of Crispy Food (GFO, VO) 6
  • Organic Milk Brioches butter from outer space 7


  • Grilled carrots Rayu sauce, crispy onion, carrot salad (VE, GF) 10
  • Crispy fry whipped garlic, shy jalapeño, parsley, 228 spices (VE, GF) 12
  • Crushed Jerusalem artichokes shallot with ginger, smoked red vinegar, auto crisps (VE, GF) 12
  • Fire-roasted squash northeast chipotle sauce, crispy sunflower (VE, GF) 12
  • turnip bacon roast beef vinaigrette, bacon, glowing cheddar (GF, DFO) 13
  • Kohlrabi Gomae sesame and ginger vinaigrette, Lonsdale herbs (VE, GF) 15
  • Kale Salad Rayu sauce, crispy onion, carrot salad (VO, MPO, GFO) 16
  • Eggplant softened on the barbecue Vietnamese pesto, taro chips (VE, GF) 16
  • Burnt Cheese brioche milk bread, radish, pizza vinaigrette (VE, GF) 17
  • Billionaire Cabbage animal stew, truffled white cheddar, Malabar pepper (GF, DFO) 20
  • Beef Digital Deli hot and sour vinaigrette, needle-cut vegetables (GF, DF) 22
  • Pork cheeks at ninety-nine o’clock roasted pork caramel, crispy lotus, herbs, devil’s pickle (GF, DF) 24
  • BBQ Snow Mushroom mapo ragu, lemongrass, chilli breadcrumbs (VE, GF) 28
  • Ssam Lighted Lamb Necklace baked jus, vegetables, crispy toppings (GF, DF) 32
  • Dessert of the day rotating recipes 8

As has been the case since opening, Winston’s culinary team makes conscious efforts to provide delicious and healthy meals while accommodating a range of dietary requirements and lifestyle choices, the majority of dishes on its menus being clearly labeled vegan (VE) or vegan-optional (VO), gluten-free (GF) or gluten-sensitive (GFO) and dairy-free (DF) or dairy-sensitive (DFO).

Owner and Wine Director Andrew Boutilier also refreshed the restaurant’s carefully curated list of natural and low-intervention sparkling wines, whites, rosés and reds sourced from BC’s backyard and small producers from the wider wine world. New options include notable single-variety specialties from Okanagan Valley wineries like Anthony Buchanan and Rigor & Whimsy, Cawston’s Scout and Chilliwack’s Whispering Horse, among others. Bottles are also available to take home.

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