Noodles XO back on menu at Canberra Airport

After closing due to pandemic restrictions, Asian noodle and sushi restaurant, Noodles XO, is reopening at Canberra Airport today, as a new retail and gift store, Merchant Canberra, opens there for the first time.

The concept of world-class airport retailer, Lagardère AWPL, Canberra Merchant is “a celebration of Canberra, focusing on locally made products designed to showcase Canberra and the surrounding regions,” says Ben Norton, Lagardère AWPL Multisite Manager.

“We are delighted to have delivered a dedicated Canberra store unique to Canberra Airport, designed to represent the nation’s capital in a world-class airport environment,” said Mr Norton.

“Inside the store, customers will find local brands including Bison [homewares]wildbrumby [spirits]Helm Wines, Jasper + Myrtle chocolates and Indigenous artwork from across Australia, perfect for last minute gifts.

Returning to the airport menu, Noodles XO serves up fresh and fast Asian cuisine, from ravioli and hand-rolled sushi to pho and their signature laksa. This is the fifth food and beverage offering for Airport Retail Enterprises (ARE) at Canberra Airport.

ARE Chief Executive Luke Tulloch said: “We are delighted to be reopening Noodles XO after being closed during the pandemic. The restaurant is a bespoke offering and complements the high quality and experience travelers experience at Canberra Airport.

These openings coincide with the upcoming school holidays and several new air services, including Jetstar to the Gold Coast, Link Airways to Coffs Harbor and the resumption of international services to Qatar next month.

“We always try to enrich the travel experience for Canberrans and our visitors, with an emphasis on showcasing local produce. And we hope the community loves this next offering as much as we do,” said Richard Snow, Property Manager at Canberra Airport.

“These new openings are perfectly timed for the school holidays and the preparation for Christmas.”

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