Nintendo pays fewer employees + the “Frat Boy” culture exists

Users of all groups and ages like Nintendo. This is the main factor that makes the Japanese brand so popular. However, like any other tech bigwig, this company has also faced the problem of sexual harassment and gender discrimination. According to a report from Kotaku, Nintendo pays female game testers less than male testers. The “frat boy” culture is a serious problem in many companies around the world.

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In fact, the information comes from a former game tester, Hannah. She told the source that one of Nintendo’s employees spoke in a group chat about Vaporeon, claiming Vaporeon was the best Pokémon to have sex with. Additionally, the employee stated that he was completely justified in being sexually attracted to Paimon, a Genshin Impact NPC with a childish appearance.

Other than that, the company paid Hannah $3 less than the company’s male game testers.

Kotaku found Hannah’s experience to be similar to that of other female game testers. In their words, Melvin Forrest, head of product testing at Nintendo of America, “chased all associated girls.” He also threw in comments regarding the weight and appearance of the female team members. In all cases, the supervisors threatened to be fired if they decided to press charges.

The reasons for the “frat boy” culture

The source speculates that the reason behind this is that tech companies hire fewer women than men. In other words, in technology companies, there are fewer women than men. As for Nintendo, the number of female game testers is 10%. Other statistics show that female employees make up only 37% of all full-time workers at Nintendo of America.

Nintendo has yet to respond. But before that, company chief Doug Bowser spoke about the so-called “frat boy” culture. “Along with all of you, I have been following the latest developments with Activision Blizzard and the ongoing reports of sexual harassment and toxicity within the company. I find these stories distressing and disturbing. They go against my values as well as Nintendo’s beliefs, values ​​and policies,” he said.

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